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by Melissa Mickelson

Jun 01

Web Design Best Practices – The Don’ts

Website design isn't as intuitive as dating, but there a lot of similarities. Learn the don'ts of web design to keep potential patients from swiping left on your practice.

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by Melissa Mickelson

Jan 27

Template vs. Custom Dental Websites: Find the right one for you

Template and custom dental websites each have their advantages. Learn the pros and cons of two approaches to dental website design here.

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by Kevin McElroy

Nov 18

3 Rules for Making a Good First Impression

Web design is a long, complicated process, but the basics are pretty simple. Here are three guiding principles that can make or break your new website.

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by Lance McCollough

Sep 11

Top 3 Reasons Patients Choose Competitors

When you're marketing what you are doing wrong can easily obscure what you are doing right. Here are three common mistakes to avoid on your website.

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