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by Heather Frechette-Crowley

Jun 22

Running a Dental Practice Today Compared to the 80’s

Both your fashion choices and how you market your dental practice may have changed since the 80's. Learn how social media can influence word-of-mouth in 2016.

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by Melissa Mickelson

Feb 23

Using Social Media for Your Dental Office

Is your dental office using social media? Do you know what each of the platforms do? Learn how to leverage social media for your dental practice here.

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by Melissa Mickelson

Oct 09

#Hashtags Should Make You Smile

You may know the # as a pound symbol. In this case, the correct name for the symbol is hashtag. In 2007, Twitter followers began using hashtags to form small discussion groups around individual topics. Fast forward eight years, hashtags are now used on every major social media platform, except LinkedIn. Today the hashtag is not used to form small groups, but to categorize and search social posts.

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by Kevin McElroy

Apr 17

Key Ways to Improve Social Media Engagement

Google almost never warns website owners about pending changes to their ranking algorithm, so the upcoming "mobile update" is probably a pretty big deal.

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