Recall & Reminders

Get over 80 hours back each year.

Each year, practices spend 80+ hours contacting patients for appointment confirmations, rescheduling, and reactivation. Get your precious time back. ProSites teamed up with PracticeMojo to deliver automated recalls and reminders so you can keep a steady patient flow into your practice, while focusing on those already there.

Improve productivity and reduce no-shows.

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Recall. Reactivate. Remind.

Your staff’s primary focus should be on taking care of the patients sitting in your waiting room. Not wasting time following up with patients outside of the office. This is why we've partnered with PracticeMojo, the leader in automated dental recall and appointment reminders.

PracticeMojo is an automated dental communication system that takes care of all those time-consuming tasks to recall, reactivate, and remind your patients. Your time is valuable. Within an hour you can have your practice fully trained and set-up to start automatically sending out recall reminders, reactivation notices, birthday greetings, and more.

PracticeMojo has no contracts, no worries, and no hassles. They’ll earn your business every month by providing a positive ROI.