Milton Goss

Chief Financial Officer

Milton serves as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for ProSites. He has 15+ years of experience in chemical engineering, product management, and finance. He has cultivated deep experience in financial planning/modeling, business development, and strategy execution by working in several industries: semiconductor, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and software. He recently served as the Controller for Merck KGaA's (EMD Millipore) Bioscience Business unit. Most recently, he worked at Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA as the Chief Financial Officer where he helped lead the sale of Accelrys (NASDAQ-traded) to Dassault Systèmes creating the BIOVIA business unit. He led an international team through several add-on acquisitions, reporting transitions, and business systems upgrades. Milton earned his Bachelor's of Science & Engineering in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan and a MBA in Finance from Boston University.

Outside of work, what can you be found doing?

I am an avid follower of my University of Michigan Wolverines football team every Saturday in the fall. I also enjoy golfing, running, and working out.

What makes working at ProSites different than working at other website design companies?

I haven't worked at other website design companies, but what I enjoy about ProSites is the passion of the team in delivering for their customers and their colleagues.

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

By far, it would be the ability to fly. I appreciate down time and it would be great to be able to whisk family and friends away at a moment's notice to various places.

What are you passionate about?

Family and Friends. I also love high performing teams in both business and in sports. There's nothing better than when you and your colleagues are aligned and executing on a high level. The same goes for a championship football or basketball team.

One thing you would love to do if you had the chance?

I'd love to mimic the pro's one year and play golf at all 4 major championship venues: The Masters, US Open, British Open, and the PGA Championship.