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The Gloves Are On…

White gloves that is.  One of the elements that makes ProSites unique is our dedication to excellent customer service.  We take pride in devoting an entire team of friendly and reliable Member Service Representatives to assist all of our members with their websites. Friendly, toll-free customer support is included with every ProSites membership.

To give you deeper insight on how our Member Services team operates, we interviewed our Member Services Manager, Tara Toler, to explain how we ensure our members receive top-notch service.

Q: What makes ProSites member services different from other website providers?

TARA: First and foremost, it’s FREE! The majority of the requests we receive from doctors and their staff are always free. Our team takes pride in the fact that we are very responsive, and our members can easily contact us with any questions or concerns they have.

Another major difference is that we assign each member to their own dedicated Member Services Representative who helps with any changes or questions they may have. By having a pre-appointed service representative, our members experience streamlined service and improved communication; each time they connect with our department, they are greeted by a comfortable and familiar voice who knows their past needs and can better assist their requests.

In addition to being accessible via phone and email, the “Live Chat” feature on our website gives doctors yet another way to easily connect with us. Our team has gone to great lengths for doctors and their staff to effortlessly contact us.

Q: What is the most common reason ProSites members contact the member services department?

TARA:  We receive a wide-range of requests over various topics, from configuring a member’s email to simply placing a photo on their site.  Most often, our members request simple changes they want to make to their website but don’t have the time to make or would prefer us to make. All of these requests are handled in a timely fashion, and our team works with the doctor until they are completely satisfied with the solution.

Q: Do you walk members through the process of making changes to their website, and do you provide training on using the ProSites website editor?

TARA:  Absolutely!  While most changes are easily made by our members themselves, there are some more advanced changes that members need a little help with and really just want us to show them how it’s done. Once they see how easy it is to do something, they feel empowered knowing they can make similar changes in the future without the need to call for help. Because of the simple “point & click” nature of our website editor, it’s often quicker and easier to make the changes themselves, than to have to call and explain their request.

In fact, most of our members initially chose ProSites because of the access to our Website Editor and the level of control we give them over their website.  Because user control is so important to our members, we also offer training, which covers how to perform common changes that members frequently make on their site. Also, once a member’s site goes live, they receive a CD containing our entire Welcome Manual, which covers everything they would ever want to do to their site. 

Q: When contacting member services, what information should doctors or their staff be prepared to provide?
TARA:  Knowing their domain name (website address) will help us quickly access a member’s account. If a doctor or their staff doesn’t know this information, there are other ways that we can easily look up the account. As soon as we access their account, we can immediately address any questions or requests they may have.

Q: When a doctor requests assistance, how long is the turnaround time?

TARA:  The standard turnaround time on a request is 24-48 hours, but it ultimately will depend on the depth of the specific request. For example, a request to transfer content from an old website to their ProSites website may require a little more time and attention (a few days), because we are carefully building their site per their direct instructions.  Or, if a doctor wants to upgrade their site to a semi-custom site, the requested changes are made with the assistance of our design department and can take a bit longer. A smaller request, such as having a few pictures changed out on a site, will come in under the normal 24-48 hours request.

No matter what the request may be, our department works closely with other departments and our members to ensure all requests are addressed in a timely fashion and to our member’s satisfaction.

Q: Complete the phrase, “The member services goal is…”

TARA:  To provide friendly, accurate, and timely service. We want each and every member to have a rewarding experience when they call us for assistance, and we want them to know our support is dependable. Our goal is to allow members to relax, knowing they are in the capable hands of a support team that truly cares about their satisfaction.

Our Member Services Department is available from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm PST. To contact Member Services, please email or call (888) 932-3644 and they will be happy to assist you.