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Make the Most of Your Advertising Dollar

Gartner, Inc. (the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company) predicts that 2013 will be the year that mobile Internet usage will surpass PC Internet usage, which comes as no surprise being that the most influential products of 2012 were the iPad, Windows 8, Android, and the Amazon Kindle. 

Mobile is pervasive and continues to redefine the way we live.  In 2013, research indicated that one of the wisest ways to spend your marketing money is by advertising on mobile devices.  As mobile usage continues to skyrocket, it is estimated that marketers will begin to shift ad spending to accommodate this growing medium.  Being that very few have taken advantage of the growing market thus far, advertising on mobile is still “new”, allowing you to get ahead of the curve.

Mobile advertising methods you should consider:

Google Mobile Ads – Similar to Google’s AdWords pay-per-click advertising, Google Mobile Ads allows you to purchase ad space solely on mobile devices.

Facebook Mobile Ads – Facebook integrates mobile ads directly into users’ news feed, making your ad discrete but directly in their sight lines.

Twitter Mobile Ads – Nearly identical to Facebook’s mobile ads, Twitter also incorporates ads directly within users’ news feeds, making your ad front and center.

Advertising Agencies – There are numerous agencies that allow you to purchase ad space within popular mobile apps such as Angry Birds or Words With Friends, or help you develop your own mobile phone app that directs users to your website.  Most ad pricing is auction-style bidding with options for Cost Per Click ads (CPC), Cost Per Action ads (CPA), and Cost Per 1000 Impression ads (CPM).  Some of the well-known mobile advertising agencies include InMobi, adBrite, and Chitika.

What mobile ads should contain:

Coupons or Special Offers – 2/3rds of mobile users prefer mobile ads that contain coupons or deals rather than a simple, monotonous commercial.  Whether you’re marketing dental or veterinary services, consider advertising discounts that current and prospective patients will find valuable.

Think Beyond Mobile Search Engines – Mobile users spend over an hour and a half per day using mobile gaming and social networking apps, making these mobile marketing mediums prime real estate to advertise your practice.

Keep Your Message Simple – Wherever and however you advertise (i.e. text, video, image), make sure it relates to the services you offer, giving mobile users a clear vision of what you are marketing.  Convoluted and overly-complicated messages are not suited for mobile audiences who want their information fast.

Include Your Location – Most mobile users have GPS within their phone that tailors search results, ads, coupons, etc. to their exact location.  If they are using their mobile phone to search for your services, including your practice location is critical.

Regardless of where you decide to market your practice on mobile devices, one thing is certain: it is vital that you direct mobile users from your ad to your mobile website.  Doing so provides an optimal viewing experience for your mobile users each step of the way and will increase their likelihood of contacting your practice to schedule an appointment.

Whether your target audience is using an iPad or Kindle, Android or iPhone, undoubtedly, your prospective patients are using mobile devices now more than ever. To inquire about our innovative mobile website solutions, contact us at (888) 932-3644.