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Social Media

Simplify Social Media Marketing in 5 Steps

Marketing always requires a strategy, and marketing your practice on social media is no different. Creating a predefined method of posting, commenting, and interacting can help you meet realistic goals and make the task of doing it yourself less daunting.

1. Define your purpose
Before marketing your practice on social media, you need to determine why you want to utilize social media. Do you want to improve communication with existing patients? Are you trying to reach new patients? Define your end goal of marketing on social media.  If you have more than one purpose, that’s perfectly okay. Simply taking note of them will help you create targeted posts that relate back to your overall goals.

2. Generate ideas
What will you post/share to meet your goals? Create an ongoing list of interesting facts to share, specials you’re running, etc. Having a list of ideas to pull posts from will allow you to save time when posting on social networking sites. Also, don’t forget to add variety in regards to the types of content you’re sharing. Videos and photos have much higher user-interaction rates over plain-text posts.

3. Start small
If you’re new to social media, you don’t need to immediately start marketing your practice on every social network out there; simply start with a single social network, such as Facebook or Twitter. After you get one network dialed in, consider networking on multiple social media sites.

4. Determine who will manage your account(s)
Are you going to manage your own social media profiles? Or are you going to share the duties with an office manager or staff member? Clearly defining roles for those responsible will allow you to hold someone accountable for your social media marketing and will create a consistent voice that followers can grow accustomed to.

5. Track your progress
Take note when a new patient says they found you via your social network, or were referred to you from someone within your network. Also note which posts are getting the most attention (i.e. comments, likes, shares, etc). After you analyze where your audience is coming from and what topics they’re interacting with most, you can generate successfully targeted posts.

Before you decide to throw caution to the wind and dive into marketing your practice on social networking sites, create a solid plan of attack. Having an outline and understanding of what you want to accomplish and how you will accomplish it will allow you stress less while you provide your audience interesting, valuable content.

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