Facebook’s New Cover Image Rules

Until recently, Facebook had very strict guidelines regarding the amount and type of text allowed in cover photos. Previously, cover images could not include any promotional text, nor could they have a call-to-action, such as “Like Our Page”.

Now, Facebook has relaxed their terms, and cover images can contain any amount of text. With these new guidelines, you can update your Facebook cover image to help market your practice. Here are four ideas you might consider:

1. Encourage fans to “Like” your page by including subtle text that draws visitor’s attention to your “Like” button. More page “Likes” on your Facebook Fanpage opens your practice up to a larger online audience. With more Facebook users engaging with your Fanpage, you are able to extend your marketing reach.

2. Help fans find your website by displaying your URL. If fans seriously want to know more about your services, displaying a link in your cover image can increase traffic to your website and help users learn more about the services you offer.

3. Direct fans to your page tabs with arrows or text. If you’ve spent time customizing your Facebook tabs to include appointment request forms or patient surveys, use your cover image to highlight these tabs.

4. Share your contact information so fans can quickly and easily schedule an appointment. While your Fanpage already includes your contact information in your About section, putting this information front-and-center within your cover image can increase the number of fans who contact your practice.

Learn more by downloading our guide to social media marketing for dentists: