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Why You Shouldn’t Write Off Social Media

Whether you simply don’t have the time or just don’t see the potential reward, you may have decided that social media marketing isn’t something you want to explore; and that’s perfectly fine, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore social media entirely.  

Social networking is a popular online activity.  In fact, an estimated 25% of Americans use social media several times per day.  Ignoring the extensive reach of social media could potentially cause your practice harm.  Here are three reasons everyone needs to monitor social activity regarding their practice:

1. Research job candidates – What would you say if your newest hire was sharing unprofessional jokes online? Or getting into controversial political debates? More than a little concerning for any business owner, these occurrences are quite frequent on social networking sites.  Having social media profiles to screen job candidates can save your practice from a potential PR nightmare.

2. Monitor employee frustrations – Many social media users share their frustrations and honest opinions with their friends and followers. If you have an unhappy employee, you’ll want to nip it in the bud, as employee complaints about your practice tarnish your reputation.  Whether you’re a tough boss or your employees aren’t communicating with you directly, monitoring the things they share among their social networks can give you better insight into your employees’ attitudes about work.

3. Observe brand mentions – It’s naïve to think that because you aren’t active on social networks, you aren’t being talked about. Disgruntled patients are actually more likely to share their negative experiences online when they know (or think) you aren’t paying attention.  Monitoring brand mentions on social networking sites can help you remedy patient frustrations and avoid a negative online reputation.  Simply use the search feature within Facebook or Twitter to see what is being said about your practice.

Even if you don’t think social media is a necessary marketing avenue for your practice, it can still impact your bottom line, making it essential for you to continually monitor your practice, brand, and employees online. 

If you are interested in getting started on social media, contact us at 888-932-3644 to learn more about our social media services.