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Tips for Running a Facebook Contest

Last updated on March 1st, 2018 at 01:31 am

Facebook is one of the most effective avenues for doctors to market their practice, and gaining exposure on the social network has proven to increase new patient referrals. So, what is one of the quickest and most effective ways to increase your exposure on Facebook? Run a contest!

Increasing your exposure on Facebook works the same as most other social networks; the more your page and content are shared, the more prospective patients it reaches, and contests are frequently shared among Facebook Fans.

How to Get Started

Before running your contest, you first have to determine three things:

1.What are you willing to spend on the contest?

This will determine how much of your budget you have to spend on a prize and how much you need to allot for the costs to run it.

2.How will fans enter the contest?

The type of entry will, in part, determine the type of contest you run. Entries can be anything from a “Like” to a photo submission.

3.How long will my contest run?

Studies show the best length for a social media contest is 25 days.

What Type of Contest Should I Run?

There are many different types of contests, and you don’t want to make an entry overly complicated. Consider simplified entries, such as a page “Like” or tagging a photo with a predetermined hashtag. 

To have patients enter a photo contest using hashtags, ask patients to share photos that address a prompt, such as “I love my dentist because…”. Then have them share the photos with a coordinating hashtag, like “#ilovedrsmithbecause”. You will then be able to search Facebook for all images with your contest hashtag and can choose the winning photo.

Where Do I Share My Contest?

In accordance with Facebook’s new policy, you can post your contest on your timeline, or you can purchase a page app that runs your promotion for you.

If you decide to post your contest on your timeline, be sure to continue to re-post the contest entry rules throughout the extent of the contest, so new visitors can easily access the information.

If choosing a page app to run your contest for you, be sure you choose a reputable company, and don’t forget to factor the cost of the app into the total amount you want to invest in the contest.

Don’t Forget!

You must state within the rules of your contest that it is “in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered, or associated with Facebook.” You must also indemnify Facebook from any legal implication your contest may cause.

Don’t wait to get started, run your first contest now. The average business sees a 34% increase in page Likes when running a contest on Facebook; your practice could effortlessly extend your marketing reach!


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