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Social Media

3 Ways Facebook Insights Shows Success

Last updated on March 1st, 2018 at 03:17 am

When marketing your practice on social media, it can be difficult to determine whether or not your efforts are improving your marketing strategy, particularly with Facebook. If your practice is active on Facebook, you may begin to wonder, “How can I tell if it’s working?” 

Facebook provides every page owner with in-depth analytics called Insights, which can help you determine the success of your social campaigns.

To access your page Insights, select “View Insights” from the top navigation menu of your page.


From here, you can view all analytics associated with your page, including:


The following three metrics are key to understanding the success of your social media marketing:

Likes – Understanding the trends in your page Likes can help you better acquire more Likes and can even help prevent losing them. Facebook allows you to track the dates of every Like or Unlike, enabling you to see which posts gain fans and which push fans away.

Reach – Your Reach statistics will show how your page is getting seen – via shares, comments, etc. Your Reach will also tell you when fans hide your posts or report you for spam, enabling you to adjust your future posts accordingly.

Posts – Post data allows you to see which days and times your page receives most of its traffic. It also allows you to see which types of posts receive the most engagement from your fans. Using this data to tailor future posts can help you increase the interest and interaction fans have with your page.

Interested to see how your Facebook campaigns measure up? Go check out your Page Insights now!