4 Features to Consider in a Quality Web Host

When purchasing a new website, hosting is often excluded from the decision making process; many people tend to view hosting as a necessary service and pay no attention to the differences in web hosts.

In reality, your web host should be a primary concern in choosing a website provider. Your host should provide you with peace of mind, ensure up-time, and provide added benefits. In choosing to host your website with one company or another, here are some key things to consider:

1. Helpdesk Support 

• Does your host provide it?

• Is there a fee for calling in?

• Do you get to speak to a live person?

• Are there multiple ways to receive help (i.e. phone, email, live chat, etc.)?

 2. Email Accounts

• How many email accounts are included with the service?

• Can you change the email addresses should you experience turnover?

• Are there fees charged to create additional accounts?

• Do they provide email support?

• Can you choose your preferred email client?

3. Features and Upgrades

• When Internet standards change, is your service updated?

• If design trends change, can you change your site design?

• Are there fees for updates and upgrades?

• How often do they improve their services?

4. Reliability

• Do they have positive reviews?

• What is their percentage of up-time?

• What is their customer retention rate?

• Are they a dedicated web host? Or are they cloud-based?

As you consider purchasing a new website or moving your existing website, be sure to ask potential providers these essential questions to ensure you’re getting the most for your money.

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