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5 Marketing Resolutions for Your Practice

It’s that time of year again, where everyone is scrambling, setting new goals for the new year. While improving oneself is always important, have you given any thought to improving your practice marketing? Here are five key resolutions you can implement to make for a more prosperous 2014:

1. Start Blogging – 2013 was a huge year for search algorithm changes, and one of the biggest shifts was the growing emphasis placed on content. Starting a blog can improve your website’s ranking, increase web traffic, and establish you as a respectable professional in your field.

2. Be More Active on Social Media – Along with content becoming increasingly important in 2013, having a social presence also became a critical online marketing necessity. Start 2014 off right by actively posting to your social networks and really engaging with your followers.

3. Re-evaluate Your Website – Has your website sat dormant for the past few years? Now is the time to refresh things! Add or edit content; upload some new photos; choose a new style from the pre-design gallery. A new year is the perfect time for a new look.

4. Track Your Website Leads – Are you aware of how many new patients your website generated in 2013? If not, it’s time you start asking new patients where they found your services. Knowing what avenues are most successful at bringing in new patients can help you tailor your practice marketing to reach the biggest audience.

5. Go Mobile – Mobile usage is set to surpass desktop usage, and if your practice isn’t yet mobile, now is the time to get there. Not only do patients prefer mobile websites, but studies show they prefer mobile communication as well. Establishing an email or text message recall system can free up your office staff’s time and appeal to the majority of your patients.

Do you have any creative ideas for marketing your practice in the New Year? If so, we’d love to hear it; feel free to share in the comments below.