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Using Analytics to Measure Your Dental Website’s Performance

There are many ways you can track the success your online presence has brought you – phone call tracking, questionnaires, etc; however, what you may not quite fully understand is the ways in which you can use your website analytics to gain even further success.

Using Google Analytics, a free website analytics service, you can track key metrics that will help you determine the areas in which your website can improve. We’re going to look at three of these metrics: audience location, visitor behavior, and referral sources.

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Where Are Your Visitors Coming From?

From your Google Analytics dashboard, select > Audience and > Location.

With this view, you can zoom in on your territory or state and see the exact cities in which your visitors reside. If you’re targeting visitors from a nearby town and notice you’re not receiving any traffic from that town, it may be time to rework your web content to more aggressively focus on that particular area.

What Pages Do Your Visitors Frequent?

From your Google Analytics dashboard, select > Behavior and > Overview.

From this view, you can see which pages are most frequented by Internet users. In an ideal circumstance, your top trafficked pages will be the primary services you want to be known for (i.e. dental implants or canine spay and neuter services). If your top trafficked pages are services other than your bread-and-butter offerings, consider marketing your practice differently to really attract the types of patients you want.

What Referral Sources Bring in the Most Traffic?

From your Google Analytics dashboard, select > Acquisition and > All Referrals.

Do you ever wonder how important your Yelp reviews really are? Or whether your Facebook page impacts your practice as much as you hoped? This view will show you exactly how much of your website traffic comes from these referring sites. You’ll easily be able to determine the effectiveness of each of your digital marketing efforts.

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