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A Brief for Newbies on Social Media

Last updated on March 1st, 2018 at 03:51 am

The growth of social networking outlets like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube has changed how people interact with businesses. Social networking sites have become such an integral part of our lives that very few of us can go a even single day without checking in on them.

This is great news for dentists and physicians who are looking to grow their practices.

Social media websites allow professionals like yourself to interact with their customers. It allows a very personal connection without being intrusive. There is actually no good reason not to set up a social media profile for your practice. It is economical, easy and quick.

Social media has already become central to most business models. It can help you market your practice and attract people to your office. Social media is easy to learn and even fun.

The power of social networking in marketing professional firms like dental practices can only be ignored at your own peril. In today’s business environment virtually nothing will help circulate awareness of your business like social media. It has an unbelievable range and everybody is utilizing it.

Keep in mind, social networking is only as persuasive as the person using it. You must apply certain procedures in order to effectively market your business.

Get familiar with the various social media sites on the net and how they can benefit Dental practices. Right now the big names in social marketing are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and newcomer Pinterest. Keep an eye out for changes, though. Even as we speak users are starting to adopt other networks. Google’s G+ and Instagram are growing in influence.

Utilize social networking websites that are suitable for promoting your practice. For most dentists and physicians I’d recommend Facebook and Twitter, but every firm serves a unique market. A concierge doctor, for example, might find his time well spent on LinkedIn.

Concentrate on social media sites that will let you join up and talk with the greatest concentration of fitting prospective customers. There is no point spending your valuable time on networks that are inappropriate to good prospects.

Opt for quality when joining social networking sites. If you can just be active on some sites, then only join carefully chosen sites. You will do a lot more harm than good if you join a site and cannot commit the time required to interact with other members.

Make sure your profiles seem professional and pertinent to your specialty. Choose your messages wisely so as to not aggravate others who may not hold with your political or religious positions.

Social media is all about sharing data and ideas. Share something interesting with people in your social media networks. It’s often tempting to merely sell your practice. This is a mistake. Avoid overt sales messages.

Make a sincere attempt to engage people. Not everything needs to relate directly to health and dentistry, although in the long run it’s important that your posts position you as a serious medical professional. You can be serious, though, and still be a real person.

Post material that will inform and entertain friends. Others will interact with your practice and develop a level of trust merely due to the valued ideas that you offer. If folks like your ideas and are fond of your posts they are exceedingly more likely to pass them on to followers.

Keep it frank. Web savvy people can make out Insincerity with ease. There is no more efficient way to lose business than by being false. Yes… you need to link back to your website or blog from time to time, but you also need to be human, endearing, welcoming… and sometimes the best way to do that is to just go ahead and share a cute kitten video video you found particularly charming.

Never treat social networking as a one way street. You can’t just log on for three minutes a day and throw out a quick tweet if you want people to actually follow you. You need to engage with them. When people comment on your posts take the time to reply, and when you see a post you like take the time to comment on it or share it.

People need to see you as someone who cares about them, and in return they will respond with a sense of reciprocity.

Remember to pay attention to your social networking accounts. Social media users are expecting a swift response. Due to advanced technology, your social media contacts will want a quick reply to their questions. Popping into your accounts daily isn’t adequate.

Social media isn’t just a fad. It’s redefining the way people interact with each other. Facebook has become the new Village Square. You might as well take advantage this to help advertise your practice.