Branding Medical and Dental Websites

In today’s world of online marketing, having a web presence is more important than ever. People are browsing the internet and using their smart phones to look for doctors and book their appointments. For a dental or medical office to be successful, quality online branding is essential. The look of your website, and the persona it conveys, are vital parts of building your business.

Visitors ought to find your site easily navigable and informative. Your website needs to have a unique quality that represents you.

Make Design a Priority

Take some time to think about the image you want the site to project. Chances are that competence and professionalism are high on the list of things you want to convey. Extravagant animations, an excessive amount of pictures, and cluttered looking webpages are unlikely to help you with that. Keep it simple and avoid anything that might distract visitors from the intent of your page.

Mind your palette! Poor color choices can send the wrong message or make a site look unprofessional, while over-reliance on flashy features can convey lack of substance.

Tailor Your Style

A great way to get a working concept for a practice website is to imagine what your office lobby space might look like if you were to extend it into the virtual world. Note the layout and colors that suit your brand.

Keeping things simple does not mean making your website drab or dull. It means reflecting your business positively and accurately without distractions. The emphasis should be on important aspects of your services. The design should engage your visitors while representing your brand.

Function Over Form

You can have the most elegant office front on the street. You can have a perfectly manicured lawn with a meticulously tended flower garden, and squeaky clean tinted glass windows that reflect the sunny day like a mirror, but if nobody can find the door you aren’t going to get any patients. It’s the same with your website. It doesn’t matter how pretty it is if people can’t find their way around. Clear focused webpages and calls to action are vital to turning your web browsers into patients.

Writing some of your own content or hiring someone to create unique focused content helps patients understand what to expect if they were to make an appointment with you. Additionally, it can benefit your online visibility (move your website up in search results) as it will likely appear more credible to the search engines than other websites full of stock.

When launching or re-launching your website, the key to remember is that a brand is not just a logo or a color scheme. A brand should represent your personality and encourage clients to call. If success in today’s online marketing world is the goal, make sure to have a uniquely branded web presence that allows clients to get to know you while showing them a clear path to your physical door.