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Pros vs. Cons: PPC Advertising

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a long-term solution. You’ve heard us say this in one way or another many times. There are no quick fixes in internet marketing. To put your dental practice on a lasting and healthy growth trajectory, a qualified internet marketing company will devise a strategy that involves many touchpoints, multiple channels and a built in plan to evolve with your target audience. SEO, by itself, can lead to marked growth and recognition for your practice. But there are other marketing strategies that should be considered in helping your dental practice get greater visibility within search results. 

Today, let’s talk about pay-per-click (PPC) ads. There are pros and cons to every method. Before you make any decisions you should know them. 


Immediate Visibility – When you choose your keywords well, PPC ads offer immediate visibility. PPC ads appear on the top and next to organic results, on the first page of search results. This means that when your audience is searching on their phone or tablet, they’ll be able to see your ad without having to scroll down. While organic SEO takes time (up to months!) to ratchet up traffic to your practice’s site, PPC ads can offer fast results for timely offers.

Qualified Target Audience – PPC ads give you the ability to target specific individuals who are interested in finding a dentist or getting a dental procedure within a certain location. With PPC, you can geo-target your ad based on a certain radius, which is important if you’re pulling in patients from several towns. It is very hard to optimize your website for a town other than the one your practice is located in, so PPC is a great solution to capitalize on business from surrounding towns.

Budget Conscious – With PPC ads you don’t have to worry about going over budget. Set your budget and as soon as you reach it your ads are pulled. This allows your internet marketing company to test keywords and messaging without breaking your budget. Then they can review analytics for conversion and ROI in a timely manner to establish and implement the next phase of your dental practice’s marketing strategy.


If You Don’t Know What You’re Doing, It Can Be a Costly Mistake – Choosing keywords can help you target a qualified audience, choosing the wrong keywords for PPC ads can lead to bidding wars and run your cost upwards of $50 per click. Smart Insights recently did a study that found PPC conversion rates averaged around 3%. If you pay for 100 clicks at $50 per click you’ll spend $5000. Converting only three of those clicks may not provide the ROI you were expecting.

Campaign Management – It would be nice if you could make an ad, launch it and see results. Unfortunately, it’s never that simple. For PPC ads to work effectively, they need someone to manage them. Keywords, messaging, and target preferences should all be tested. Results can be quickly analyzed and ads can be dialed in to get the best results. But it takes someone who knows what they are doing to keep up with it. 

Lack of Conversions – Just because you get impressions and clicks doesn’t mean you’ll get conversions. In other words, just because someone is clicking your ad, they may not be calling your practice. It’s extremely important to have great ad copy that drives searchers to a landing page on your website. Qualified internet marketing companies will review and create landing pages when developing your PPC marketing strategy, which is a key factor in making a successful PPC campaign.

Over time internet searchers have become savvy to ads. They have seen them as banner ads, remarketing messages, and PPC placement in search results. This is why keywords, messaging, and testing is so important in grabbing your audience’s attention. Each internet marketing channel works in conjunction with the others. It can be difficult for individuals busy running their own practice– to focus on finding the right combination of channels and messages and tactics. 

A qualified Internet marketing company can develop a plan, engage your target audience and help find an ROI that meets your goals. As experts in the dental profession, ProSites would be happy to give you a personal consultation. Simply call 888-932-3644 today.

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