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Google’s New Update Makes It Easier to Leave Reviews

As a dentist, you are probably aware that having positive reviews on your Google Map business listing can only help grow your practice and build your reputation. In fact, you may already even have a system in place that prompts and encourages happy patients to leave a review after visiting your practice.

What you may not have known, is that previously, to leave a Google review, your patient would first have to fulfill several requirements. They had to create a Google account, establish a Google+ profile including personal information, and would then have to navigate back to the page where they wanted to leave a review.

Google’s new update makes it easier for people to leave reviews. Google no longer requires people to have a Google+ profile to leave a review on your Google Maps listing. (They still have to have a Google account, though.) And, people can now leave reviews directly from the search engine results page when they are searching on a desktop computer.

Not only does having more Google reviews build credibility and trust among prospective patients, but it can help you improve your search engine optimization rankings as well. In fact, a recent study revealed that the overall quantity, positive sentiment in and overall velocity of Google reviews all contribute to a local business’ ability to rank well in the Google Maps business listings which appear at the top of search results (also known as the snack pack).

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