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Top 5 Quick and Effective Practice Marketing Ideas

Last updated on August 22nd, 2017 at 07:25 pm

As the years go by, it seems like there is less and less time available in a day. Between managing your practice, seeing patients, and the countless other items that scream for your time and attention, marketing your practice can quickly become an afterthought.

That’s why we gathered five effective marketing activities that take less than an hour each, but can make a steady impact on your practice’s marketing strategy.

1. Write a blog post: Writing a blog article serves numerous benefits. First, search engines love fresh, new content.  This means writing a blog on a topic related to your expertise can help you get better rankings in search results. It also helps you build trust and establish yourself as an expert among current and prospective patients. Since the majority of prospective patients conduct research online before they select a dentist or doctor, providing educational, helpful articles will help position you as a credible professional.

And don’t worry, blog articles don’t have to be super lengthy. A simple post packed with relevant and helpful tips only needs to be about 300-500 words. Make your article clear and easy to read by using headers, bullet points and spacing for optimum success.

2. Share a photo of your staff on your practice’s social media networks: Today, people post a great deal of their lives on social media. And, they expect businesses to be equally as transparent. Showcase your practice’s personality by posting a photo of your team with a caption that lists an interesting fact about each person. People like to see that their trusted service providers are humans too, so using some professional humor can help put prospective patients at ease and entice them to contact your practice.

3. Create a patient loyalty program. It takes much more effort to gain a new patient than to keep a current patient happy. You can help to ensure your patients continue to come back by offering an incentive program or discount on your services. Another way to encourage patient retention is to develop a referral program that rewards patients when their referrals book an appointment.

4. Update your website design. If you haven’t changed your website design in more than three or four years, it’s likely that it’s outdated. Internet browsers constantly change which can create an unpleasant viewing experience if your website design is out-of-date. Ask your website provider if they have any new website styles available that can be easily changed without a fee.

5. Email your happy patients and encourage them to leave a positive review on your website and other online review sites. Online reviews are trusted just as much as a personal recommendation, and are a critical part of your online marketing strategy. But, in order to gain more positive reviews, you must ask for them! Start by putting together a list of your most loyal patients. Then, write a personalized email asking them to share their experience to help educate prospective patients. Make it as easy as possible for them by including a direct link to where they can leave a review for your practice (i.e. your website’s reviews page, or your Google My Business page). Don’t forget, with ProSites you can take advantage of our complimentary Reputation Marketing feature that helps you remain in control of which reviews appear on your website.

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