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“How Do I Attract New Patients?” & Other Social Media Questions, Answered

We recently held an online tutorial to help dentists learn how to maximize their presence on social media. Below are some of the top questions that we received as we hope that you too will find them helpful for your dental practice’s marketing strategy.

Questions about Facebook

Should we pay for Facebook ads that appear on the newsfeed of people who are not currently followers?

If you’re having a difficult time growing your follower base and have exhausted all other options, this could be a good next step. Facebook allows you to target advertising toward new followers or a broader audience.  We suggest you try this out for a short period of time while posting relevant content to keep your new audience engaged. For ideas on how to get the word out that you’re on social media, read this article.

Can content from Instagram go directly to Facebook?

Yes. To do so, you must connect your Facebook page to your Instagram profile by authorizing access. To learn how to link your accounts, follow these instructions.

If visitor posts are meant to be seen on a business page, why do they not show up directly? I’ve noticed mine are hidden and are not posted for other people to see. Is there a setting that can change that?

You may have a page setting that requires you to approve posts before they appear. Follow these instructions to change the settings on your page.

Questions about content

Where do I find funny content?

Create funny content by downloading free apps like Jib Jab or Dubsmash. Jib Jab allows you to create funny e-cards by uploading pictures of staff onto dancing characters. This is a great tool to use for occasions such as birthdays and holidays. Dubsmash helps you create short videos of you lip-synching to popular songs. These videos are especially fun if you can get patients to participate (with written consent prior of course).

What is the name of a third party site to schedule content on your accounts?

There are two major “freemium” services you can sign up for to help you schedule content: Buffer and Hootsuite. However, on the free versions, there are limitations which can hinder how often you post content. We recommend using these services with an additional social media content service to augment, rather than replace.

Other Questions:

How do I attract new patients with social media?

The best way to attract now patients on social media is by building a relationship with existing patients. Most people follow their dentists on social media because they feel a connection to the practice. Then, when people ask for a recommendation for a dentist on Facebook, your patients can easily tag your practice so their friend can find you.

Note: Because a preview of your practice’s information is pulled into the comments thread, it’s crucial to have a fully optimized social media page with your name, contact information, and reviews.

What’s the best way to attract millennial patients?

Post content that these patients would relate to, to encourage engagement. For example, provide instructions on how to make a dentist appointment and see if it’s covered by insurance. To be trendy, label or tag this post with the word “adulting” (To ‘adult’ is to behave like an adult, specifically to do the things—often mundane—that an adult is expected to do).

While it may seem silly to post something that should be easy, most millennials will find humor in learning to make appointments for themselves and engage with you.

What’s the best way to address a negative comment or review on social media?

Receiving a negative review is likely inevitable, but isn’t the end of the world. When you get a negative review, thank them for their feedback and apologize for their experience. Try to take the conversation offline as quickly as possible.

Publicly acknowledging the review is crucial to demonstrate that you care and are listening to feedback. Most people will recognize when people are being out of line harsh on your practice, and will disregard the review, but look to see how you handled the situation. For more information on how to respond to review, read this article.

For nearly two decades, ProSites has helped thousands of dentists successfully market their practices online. To learn more about social media marketing, request a demo by filling out this form.