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How to Choose the Right Dental Marketing Company

Choosing a dental marketing provider is one of the most difficult – but critical – decisions you’ll make as an owner of your practice. Choosing the wrong company could cost you time and money – but making the right decision could help you keep appointment books full and achieve optimum success.

The online marketing space is so competitive that you can easily encounter analysis paralysis when shopping for the right dental marketing partner for your practice. We know how big of a decision this is, and we want you to feel confident that you’re making the right choice. Below is a list of considerations to help you identify the right dental marketing company for your practice.

Is the company you are considering for dental marketing familiar with the industry?

There are a ton of website designers out there – but in your line of work – choosing a company that knows the dental industry specifically is best. They’ll be aware of various intricacies and rules within your space (e.g. if a dental practice is in Canada, the term “cosmetic dentist” cannot be used on webpages as it is not technically a specialty) and help you avoid a potential hot-water situation.

How does the company keep up with the ever-changing internet?

The Internet is constantly changing – new design trends, algorithm changes, etc. – and you don’t want to hire someone who can’t keep up with the times – or charges you a ton every time an update must be made.

Find out how the company keeps up with current trends and what they do to ensure your website stays up-to-date over time (and if there are additional fees associated with doing so).  For example, all ProSites members receive FutureNow AssuranceTM which means our clients frequently access new designs, content and website features at no extra charge.

You can also look at the company website and see if they’re providing educational materials like articles and webinars. If a company is consistently publishing educational pieces, it’s a good sign they are keeping an eye on recent changes and care about educating your practice as well.

How will the dental marketing company measure your practice’s success?

Every dental practice has unique goals. Your dental marketing company should listen to your needs to recommend the right strategy for your practice and track applicable metrics to report progress. Look for a company that provides a dashboard to help you track all of your marketing activities from the moment a potential patient requests an appointment on your website until they become an active patient.

Do they have any case studies or testimonials?

As a dentist, you already know the importance of reviews and recommendations. Ask the company if they have any case studies from other dentists to see what type of results you can get from working with them.

Selecting the perfect dental marketing company is an important decision that should be carefully considered. Remember, you’re not just looking for a vendor – you’re searching for a partner to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Questions? Reach out to a ProSites Internet Marketing Advisor at (888) 932-3644 to discuss the right online marketing options for you.