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Dental Online Marketing Trends Emerging in 2018

As the world and technology evolves faster than ever, it’s easy (and normal) to feel a bit behind. There’s been a handful of changes in the dental marketing industry so we’ve compiled a list of the latest emerging trends that we feel are important and impactful to your dental practice.

Optimize for Humans, Not Robots

In the early days of search engine optimization (SEO), algorithms weren’t as advanced, which means it was acceptable for businesses to have a website that was stuffed with search keywords. Even if it didn’t make much sense from a user-readability standpoint meaning, copy typically read awkward because it was focused on including all variations of a search keyword rather prioritizing grammar and flow.

Fast forward to today, algorithms have become – and continue to grow increasingly intelligent which allows them to comprehend websites in a way that much more mimics human behavior. For example, algorithms can now differentiate website copy that is well-written vs. stuffed with keywords, and favors the former. Therefore, while keyword stuffing used to be a mildly accepted strategy way-back, today it is best deliver quality content for your readers – as search engines will still be able to comprehend what the page is about.

Key takeaway: Create quality content for your readers and ensure the content has good readability scores (e.g. enlarged copy on a mobile device). Test your content readability using this free tool here.

Invest in Marketing Tools to Facilitate Tracking and ROI

A lot of dentists market their practice. A lot of dentists do not track their results.

Lacking information and knowledge of how dental marketing campaigns perform can lead you to wasting time and money down the road. On the other hand, by investing a little bit of time and budget into programs that can help you track campaigns, you will learn what works, what doesn’t, how to best spend your marketing budget, and increase ROI.

Take Full Advantage of Free Online Marketing Tools

Consider adding programs such as Google Analytics and Search Console understand how people find and arrive on your website. So, if you’re running a social media campaign and see that 100 users are coming from Facebook but only 25 from Twitter, then this is a sign that your audience on Facebook is more engaged with your content.

Dental Online Marketing is Our Specialty

Other softwares like ProSites Marketing ROI help you track the amount of patients that come into your practice from your website and how much revenue you’re generating from those patients.

Key takeaway: It’s important to understand which marketing campaigns deliver the best results for your practice. Take advantage of tools that help you understand what works and what doesn’t so you can make more informed (and profitable) decisions down the road.

Reputation Marketing: Manage Online Reviews and Mentions

Seeing that 88% of people conduct research on their own before contacting a business, online reviews are critical to setting a strong and credible first impression online.

Having a 5-star review average is the goal but not the requirement. What is becoming more and more necessary is putting a strategy in place to gain more positive patient reviews while consistently responding to any and all reviews.

A great way to start getting more reviews is to have your staff ask a patient how their appointment went before they leave your practice. If it’s positive, the staff can ask them if they’d be willing to leave a review online and direct the patient to the appropriate website. If it’s negative, this gives the office an opportunity to address the issue upfront, rather than hearing about it online.

Download this guide to learn more about gaining positive patient reviews online.

Key takeaway: People are trusting online reviews more and more. The more reviews you have, the more transparent your practice becomes, and the greater trust a prospective patient will have in your practice.

When’s the last time you updated your dental online marketing strategy? If it’s been a while, now is a great time to talk with an Internet Marketing Advisor to get ideas and tips for how you can update your efforts.

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