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How to Build a Dental Marketing Strategy that Grows Your Practice

A comprehensive dental marketing strategy can help you quickly fill your appointment book, so it’s important to sit down and evaluate your different options. By making sure you have a strong foundation in place, testing new ideas, and delighting your existing patients, you can put marketing to work for your practice!

Build Out Your Practice’s Website

When it comes to attracting new patients, the only thing that’s more important than your physical dental office is your online presence. While patients might drive by your location and decide to book an appointment, having a well-developed website expands your opportunities and allows you to reach patients all around your city.

In the modern age, just having a website isn’t enough. It has to present a professional image and provide a user-friendly interface so potential patients will feel confident in your services. Take the time to build a website that is mobile-responsive, modern, and contains helpful information for patients and prospects alike.

Since your website acts as the centerpiece of your dental marketing strategy, this is the one thing you may want to leave to the experts. ProSites can design your website, provide excellent dental care content, and drive users to convert using our 20 years of dental marketing experience!

Encourage Reviews

The second step of your dental marketing strategy is to provide what’s called “social proof.” When patients are looking for a new dentist, they’ll research local practices on sites like Google My Business, Yelp, and Angie’s List. Take a look at what review services your competition is using, and then encourage your existing patients to submit reviews there after each appointment. If you use an automated communications service like ProSites’ PracticeMojo, you can automate your review emails and easily select the website you’d like to focus on. To help give a rounded view of your practice, you may want to switch reviews services every quarter. For example, you can use a link to Yelp from January-March, then switch to Google My Business from April-June, then Angie’s List from July-September, and then back to Yelp for the rest of the year.

As you gather a huge list of reviews, you’ll also want to highlight the best ones on your website! This provides social proof so new patients feel confident booking their first appointment with you.

Establish a Referral Program

Like reviews, a referral program taps into the market you’ve already developed: your devoted patients. When a friend or family member mentions their search for a new dentist, you want your patients to eagerly recommend your practice. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to offer some sort of referral program by providing a discount, gift card, or other incentive for every new patient referred to your practice. In addition to mentioning this program to your patients, you can include it on your business cards, website, and emails to keep the program top-of-mind after every appointment!

Consider Advertising Locally

If you’re looking to aggressively grow your practice, your dental marketing strategy should include some paid advertising. For dental practices, it’s essential to perfect your targeting so you’re only reaching local audiences, as patients likely won’t drive far for care.

There are a number of avenues for paid dental advertising, but the two most popular are Facebook Advertisements and Pay-Per-Click. Both allow you to customize your messaging, audience targeting, and focus on your city. When deciding which dental marketing strategy is best for your practice, look at your budget and competition. What are your competitors doing to bring in new leads? What can your practice do better? If you’d like personalized guidance on where to start, reach out to ProSites today!

Automate Your Cosmetic Leads

Patients who need a series of treatments can quickly fill your appointment book, so cosmetic leads are an excellent demographic to target in your dental marketing strategy. However, patients who need extensive cosmetic work can be understandably nervous to get started. An easy way to start the conversation with potential patients is to offer a virtual consultation right from your website. Patients will be able to select between emergency and cosmetic consultations, then submit a series of photos and comments on their problem. You’ll be able to evaluate their case, come up with a treatment plan, and respond right from your dashboard. This feature can be implemented directly on your ProSites website, and you can direct leads to your consultation page to streamline conversion.

Delight Existing Patients

While bringing in new leads should be a priority, delighting your existing patients needs to remain your primary goal. It takes less effort to retain an existing patient than attract a new one, so keeping a loyal patient base is essential to the overall health of your practice. In addition to excellent customer service, high-tech features will help you remind patients why they choose you over the competition. Consider implementing online forms so patients don’t have to complete paperwork before each appointment, as well as automating your appointment reminders so patients stay organized. Overall, your goal is to simplify each step for your patients and help them prioritize their oral health!


The digital age provides a myriad of tools to assist with your dental marketing strategy, so take the time to evaluate what will benefit your practice the most. If you need a marketing expert to review your options—and take a look at your competition—reach out to ProSites today!

Misc, Practice Marketing, Tips

The Complete Guide to Marketing for Dental Offices

You’ll need to take time to evaluate the best strategy if you’re looking to expand your dental practice. Services like SEO and social media provide slow but steady growth, whereas pay-per-click advertising can aggressively grow your patient base, but with an increased cost. Our complete guide helps you make an informed decision on the best channels for marketing for dental offices.


Perfect Your Dental Website

Your website acts as the hub of your marketing efforts, giving you a home base that you can direct all traffic back to. It’s essential to give off a professional and modern impression, as potential patients will make a snap decision about your practice based on what they see. Here are some of the essential website design components that will help your practice convert visitors:

  • Automatically resizing for different screens (including mobile phones)
  • Securely encrypted (Beginning with HTTPS instead of HTTP)
  • Dental care content to showcase your expertise
  • Images and graphics that speak to your target market
  • SEO-optimized pages for each of your services (cleanings, root canals, family dentistry, etc.)
  • Forms to help new visitors book their first appointment
  • Features that highlight your locations to assist with local search
  • Reviews from existing clients to highlight your great customer service

Creating a beautiful, mobile-responsive website is the first step to marketing for dental offices. If you feel that your current website could use some improvements, schedule a consultation with one of ProSites’ marketing experts!


Maximize the Impact of Your Reviews

When patients are searching for a new dentist, they’ll likely start by looking at reviews. Websites like Yelp, Google My Business, and Angie’s List can help you showcase your practice and stand out from the competition. To make the most of these services, you’ll want to ask your dedicated patients to leave reviews and support your practice. ProSites helps you send automated review requests, but you can also do this manually. Since there are so many platforms to choose from, we recommend evaluating your competition. If they have more reviews on one site than the others, focus your efforts there as well. Once you have a comfortable amount of reviews on the first site, you can change the link in your emails and direct patients to another platform. By switching between all three reviews platforms, you can establish a great reputation across the web and maximize the impact of your marketing for dental offices!


Mastering Social Media

Once you’ve fully optimized your website and reviews, your next step should be to focus on social media. Platforms like Facebook make it easy to communicate with existing clients, build up your brand awareness, and even attract new patients. Fully optimize your profile by checking that your address, contact information, website, and hours are correct. We recommend checking these a few times a year to ensure nothing has changed, so potential patients always have the most up-to-date information.

You should also add a profile picture and cover photo that speak to your practice. If you don’t have professional photos, you can start with using your practice logo as the profile picture and a wide-angle view of your waiting room as the cover photo.

Once your profile is fully optimized, take time to brainstorm some content. To create sustained social media marketing for dental offices, you should post a few times a week. Rather than sitting down and coming up with one post at a time, write out a month’s worth of posts and have your office staff copy and paste the content on certain days. You can also use a service like ProSites to create content for you if your staff is too busy!


Use Search Engine Optimization to Gain Local Traffic

You’ve likely heard the term “Search Engine Optimization,” and it’s an essential part of marketing for dental offices. By tailoring your website content to the terms people search for when looking for a new dentist, you have a better chance of showing up on the first page of relevant Google searches. Since the average person will not go past the first page of Google results, having a comprehensive SEO plan is essential to finding new patients.

Since patients want to find a dentist close to home, local SEO is going to be your bread and butter. Focusing your content around terms like “dentist in [your city]” will help bring the right leads to your website. You’ll want to create separate pages for each of your services (for example, family dentistry, teeth cleaning, root canals, and more) all focused around your location. This will help potential patients find you when they search for the services they need most!

It takes sustained effort to create an effective SEO strategy, especially since Google frequently implements algorithm changes and re-prioritizes content. Since most dentists are busy focusing on running their practice, SEO may be the most important aspect of your marketing to outsource. Marketing services like ProSites will create content for you, make changes to your site to capitalize on algorithm changes, and monitor your rankings.


Utilize Pay-Per-Click Advertising

It can take time to build up both local reviews and SEO to bring ongoing traffic to your website, so consider using Pay-Per-Click Advertising to speed up your leads in the meantime. Go to Google and run a quick search for “dentist in [your city].” You may notice that the first few results are advertisements. If so, it means that your competitors are being aggressive in trying to grow their practice. On the other hand, if no ads come up, it means that you can be the first to market in your area.

Pay-Per-Click is an effective tool for marketing for dental offices, as you have complete control of your spending. You can set maximum bids for each term, as well as weekly and monthly spending limits. However, it can take a bit of testing to perfect your strategy. You’ll want to start by creating a long list of keywords you want to target, always staying focused around your city name. Since you aren’t sure what competitors are willing to bid, start with a low weekly spend targeting many different keywords. You can then monitor to see if any of the keywords have a dramatically high cost per click. If so, your competitors are bidding on that keyword as well. Once you have this data in hand, you can decide how to proceed.

If you decide to run your Pay-Per-Click campaigns yourself, check in frequently to see how things are performing. In addition to constantly testing keywords, you should also A/B test different copy and landing pages to maximize both click-through and conversion rates. If you decide to outsource all this work, ProSites can help!



While marketing for dental offices requires a lot of effort, it will quickly pay off as you grow your patient base. If you decide to bring in experts to support your marketing, reach out to ProSites for a consultation! Our team is entirely focused on dental marketing and will help you evaluate each channel and your competition to find patients in your area.

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