Reduce No-Shows and Increase Patient Satisfaction with a Dental Appointment Reminder System!

PracticeMojo allows you to communicate with patients across all channels, utilizing:

  • Individual, group, and family text messaging
  • Automated email and pre-built campaigns
  • Automated phone calls and voicemails
  • Personalized appointment reminder postcards

Trusted by thousands of dental practices to save time and reduce no-shows!

Text Reminders

Text appointment reminders are quick, convenient, and sure to reduce no-shows. PracticeMojo automates appointment reminders to save time for your staff and increase patient satisfaction!

Email Reminders

Sending emails the week before upcoming appointments is a great way to get patients to confirm their appointment time, and it also gives you the chance to confirm key contact details!

Dental Postcards

Postcards are a unique way to catch your patients’ attention. PracticeMojo provides recall campaigns that can automatically send postcards out to select patients.

Automated Phone Calls

Save your staff hours with automated phone reminders and voicemails that keep patients informed while still providing a warm and personal touch!

Automated Appointment Scheduling

Automate your leads with ProSites' new appointment scheduling tool! Patients can select from your available openings and book an appointment online. You'll receive a request and can either accept the time, or propose a new one. The system is customizable to fit your team, availability, and personal preferences. Best of all, it saves time for both your staff and patients!