Create a Comprehensive Veterinary Marketing Plan

by Piper Bloom, Digital Marketing Manager | 10 Minute Read

As you work to expand your practice, you need to create a comprehensive veterinary marketing plan to ensure you’re putting your efforts towards the right channel. Here are some of the central channels to help attract new leads, along with some tips to help maximize your return on investment!

Optimize Your Veterinary Website

Your website acts as the cornerstone of your veterinary marketing plan, providing you a central place to direct potential clients. As your veterinary practice expands, a sleek and modern website conveys your professionality, creates trust, and builds brand awareness. There are quite a few components that help your website beat the competition, including:

  • Mobile responsiveness (resizing for smaller screens like phones and tablets)
  • Engaging pet care content that encourages clients to return to your website
  • Client reviews and testimonials to showcase your excellent customer service
  • Imagery that speaks to pet lovers and shows you care
  • Separate pages for your core services, each optimized to rank on Google
  • Calls-to-action throughout the site that encourage new appointments
  • A footer that includes contact information and links to your social media pages

Once your website is up to speed, you can start on the next steps of your marketing plan. If you would like a consultation to see whether your website needs a refresh, reach out to ProSites today!

Encourage Online Reviews

When pet parents are looking for a veterinarian, they’ll start by looking at reviews for practices in their neighborhood. Encouraging your clients to post online reviews helps build your reputation throughout the community and increase new leads. By sending emails asking for reviews, you can build up a great reputation on Facebook, Yelp, Angie’s List, and Google My Business.

Since there are so many reviews websites, it can be difficult to know where to focus your efforts. As you get started, look at where your competition is thriving. If they’re focusing their efforts on a particular reviews site, you should make that your first priority. As you send ongoing review request emails, you can swap out the links every few months to try and get an even spread across all sites. Building a balanced portfolio of reviews should be a central part of your veterinary marketing plan, as you attract new clients and build loyalty at the same time!

Set Up Your Social Media Profiles

Social media will be an integral part of your veterinary marketing plan, as it allows you to open ongoing communications with both existing pet parents and prospects. Write a short but sweet “about” section that lists your services, add your address and contact info, include a link to your website, and ensure your business hours are correct. After you’ve established these basics, begin inviting current patients, friends, and family to like your page. You should also add links to your Facebook profile on collateral like business cards, fliers, and your email signatures to encourage pet parents to follow you!

Just creating the profiles aren’t enough, so your team should book out time every week to create new posts. Link to articles on your website that provide pet care tips, create informational posts, and share news from your community. Posting often is key on social media, but you should also pay attention to what grabs the most attention. Personal and funny posts often receive more likes than anything else, so try to create a blend of pet care info and personality! Posting several times a week can be a chore, so you may want to outsource to a marketing company like ProSites.

Search Engine Optimization

As you research new marketing strategies, you’ll likely stumble upon the term “Search Engine Optimization,” often shortened to “SEO”. When potential clients Google veterinary-related terms, they’ll typically only look at practices on the front page. By tailoring your website’s content to match your ideal clients’ search terms, SEO can help you rank on the first page of Google for the most relevant searches in your area.

Even the most dedicated pet parent won’t drive far for appointments, so the secret to SEO success is targeting local search terms, like “vet in [your city]”. This will help bring in a steady stream of new clients and avoid wasting time on leads from far outside of your metro area.

Given the complexity of managing your SEO while running your practice, it may be the best choice to outsource this aspect of your veterinary marketing plan. ProSites makes constant adjustments to your website, monitors your rankings and those of your competitors, and helps minimize the impact of Google’s frequent algorithm changes.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

If you want to aggressively grow your practice, Pay-Per-Click advertising will be an essential part of your veterinary marketing plan. When you search for the same terms you’re trying to rank for with SEO, you may notice that the results on the top of the page are advertisements. This makes Pay-Per-Click ads a shortcut as you perfect your SEO strategy, and it also allows you to show up when people search for your competition.

The first step to a successful PPC campaign is to carefully consider your keyword targeting. Since local search is your central goal, you want to set up broad matches for vet-related searches in your city. To start out, we recommend setting a low spend for many separate keywords, then monitoring to see what performs the best. Google chooses the winners in an auction style bidding system, so your competition will determine how much you spend per click. Once you have data for all your keywords and can determine the number of leads you received, you can decide which campaigns to keep running.

If you decide to run your Pay-Per-Click account yourself, you want to check in frequently to see how your keywords are performing and set up new tests. In addition to constantly testing new keywords, you should also A/B test new headline copy and landing pages to maximize the return on your investment!


A veterinary marketing plan is essential for growing your practice without wasting money. Take the time to explore each channel and monitor your competition so you know where to focus your efforts. From there, use Facebook, SEO, and Pay-Per-Click to steadily bring in new leads for your practice! If you’d like a marketing consultation to figure out the best course of action, call ProSites at (855) 718-1201.

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