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Take your practice to the next level with ProSites Social Media Management. Its #1 focus is to engage your patients and their networks to build a larger online community around your practice.

Share information. Increase engagement. Drive traffic to your site.

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Dental Social Media is a Great Marketing Tool

What features are included?

Our Social Media team keeps you connected with patients (and their friends and family) on today’s most popular social networks. We build and manage your entire social media presence, so you can focus on your practice.

Custom Branded Social Profiles

We bring over design elements and the look and feel of your website to create personalized Facebook and Twitter pages that match your practice branding.

Compelling Content Created & Posted

Our Social Media content writers will frequently update your Facebook and Twitter pages with interesting posts that encourage followers to like, share, and spread the word about your practice.

We Manage Content for You

Educational Tips & Tricks

Social media platforms are constantly changing. We help you stay up-to-date by providing educational tips and tricks and webinars that ensure you and your staff are up-to-date.

Dental Marketing: Social Media Education

Claim Your Brand Across All Social Sites

Grab your name and secure your brand before someone else does! Your Social Media team will check the use of your practice brand name on dozens of social media websites and try to claim them for you.

Branding Your Site Online

Social Media Strategy Review

Your Social Media Account Manager checks in with you twice a year to refine and optimize the success of your social media campaign based upon your profile activity and industry trends.

Regular Review of Your Social Media Efforts

Social Media and Dental Marketing

Social media is one of the keys to a successful dental marketing strategy. It gives your practice a unique opportunity to reach out and engage clients and patients alike.

With an active social media presence, you control the conversation with prospective and current patients by addressing questions and concerns while building a trustworthy brand in the process. Social media also allows you to encourage word-of-mouth and find new potential patients who might never otherwise find your practice.

Your Complete Marketing Solution

There's more to marketing a dental practice than social media. At ProSites we also outfit your practice with a user focused design that is built to engender trust and make new prospects feel truly welcome. We also offer search engine marketing service like optimization and pay-per-click advertising services to help new prospects find your practice.

To learn more about ProSites and our expert dental marketing and website design services take a look at our dental marketing services or call us today at 888-932-3644 and talk to one of our dedicated marketing professionals.


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