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Your Website: The Neglected Marketing Tool

June 7 | 11:00am PST/2:00pm ET

In the online world, a website establishes and represents your practice. Just like your brick-and-mortar office, a website needs to be efficient, clean and current.

While many dental practices have websites, few maximize their online presence by incorporating their websites into comprehensive marketing programs, thereby missing key opportunities to attract new patients and build loyalty among current ones. In other words, simply having a website isn’t enough to create an effective and well-rounded marketing strategy.

Whether you already have a website, or are thinking about creating a new one, there are several things you should consider and do to make the most out of this important marketing tool.

Join us on June 7 at 2pm EDT and you’ll learn:

  • Which elements make up a well-optimized, effective website, including purpose, structure, navigation, content and more
  • How to create online visibility for your website with search engine marketing
  • How to create a simple maximization action plan for your website
  • And more!

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