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Like most dental professionals, you probably recognize the importance of having an effective website. You know - the kind of website that pulls together all the essential qualities - visitor appeal, engaging patient-focused content, and built-in search engine optimization factors that push your site towards the top of the search engines. Well, that’s exactly what ProSites delivers.

Key Dental Website Elements.

The Ultimate Website Solution™

ProSites specializes in websites specifically tailored to the needs of dental professionals and their patients.  Our websites are great looking, filled with patient-focused content, and have interactive features that encourage new appointment requests.

ProSites is also the innovator that introduced the first content management system for dental websites.  What does that mean for you?  Greater flexibility and control over your website.  At your convenience, you can login to our Website Editor and easily make changes, such as…

  • Add new pages (unlimited!)
  • Add, edit or delete text
  • Add videos
  • Upload patient forms
  • Add free upgrades
  • Add photos (doctors, staff, office, etc.)
  • Add “before and after” photo cases
  • Add/remove doctor and staff bios
  • Pick a new website design
  • and more…

Managing your website is as easy as “point & click”, and you don’t have to know anything about website design!  Want assistance?  We provide toll-free customer service too!

Edit your website with a simple point and click.

A Website Your Patients Will Love

ProSites websites look great and are filled with the content that current and prospective patients are searching for:  treatment descriptions, answers to frequently asked questions, dental videos, and more are all included to help increase case acceptance.

Converting visitors into new patients is easy thanks to the following interactive features included with our websites, free of charge:

  • Online Appointment Request Form: Both prospective and current patients can request appointments right from your website.
  • Contact Forms: Gathers visitor contact details as well as their questions or comments.
  • Dental Videos: Patient education videos that increase case acceptance.  Our video player ends each dental video with a contact form to create new web leads.  The video player also has a unique “Tell-A-Friend” feature that allows visitors to email their friends and family a link to the videos on your website!
  • Smile Analysis Page: An interactive Q&A form that ascertains a visitor’s smile problems and encourages contact with your office.

All of these interactive features (and more) can be integrated throughout your website to create “calls to action” that turn prospects into new patients and encourage current patients to schedule new appointments.

Great looks, great content, great results.  That’s a ProSites website.

Dental Website Design that Fits Your Budget

With so many dental offices competing online, you need a website that will make you stand out from your competitors, without devouring your budget.  At ProSites we offer a complete website solution at a fraction of what other dental web design companies charge.  That’s because our exclusive WebEngine Technology lets us accomplish more in 30 seconds than a competitor’s entire design team can complete in weeks!

Years of development and over $2 million have been invested to create our exclusive WebEngine Technology.  The result?  The most advanced website solution available with a host of technological benefits:

  • 24/7 Website Editor Access
  • Greater Flexibility and User Control
  • Integrated Search Engine Optimization
    (SEO) Features
  • Built-in Sitemaps Protocol
  • Lower Software, Services and Support Fees
  • Easier Website Changes
  • Browser Compatibility Updates
  • No Outdated Websites
  • Free Upgrades
Change your entire design at any time with ProSites.

Whether you choose one of our pre-designed styles or a custom website design, your site will enjoy all of the benefits of our WebEngine Technology.  Frequent upgrades are also provided free of charge.  Each time we create a new feature, enhancement, or page option, you’ll receive the upgrade for free.  We call that FutureNow Assurance™ (you’ll call it a big money saver).

And why limit yourself to just one website design when you can have dozens?  With ProSites you can pick a new website design from our growing library of site styles anytime you want.  At the click of a button, all of your website content, photos, and anything else you’ve added to your website will be automatically carried over to the new site style in less than 60 seconds.  It’s like getting a new website without having to pay for it!

Free ProSites dental website trial

FREE, No-obligation Trial
(Yes, Really!)

Too many times “free” comes with strings attached.  That’s not the case with ProSites. Take our free trial and play with your new website. There’s no credit card required, and no need to cancel anything.  If you like what you see, call us and sign up.  If not, the website will disappear in 14 days.  It’s that simple.

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