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Video marketing has become one of the most engaging promotional tools for medical and dental professionals. Videos allow you to introduce yourself to prospective patients, share your practice philosophy, and showcase patient success stories. At ProSites, we offer several video packages to suit your needs, each of which is produced by our team of talented film professionals.

Video Packages

All video packages include a videographer, producer, editor, high-end customized graphics, scripting, music, and a copy on DVD.

Package A - Practice Profile

While maintaining a professional appearance, this package is our least expensive option. Completed in-studio, our camera talent utilizes the green screen to highlight the main services that you offer. This package is the least disruptive to your practice because it does not require in-office filming.

Practice Profile
  • 45-60 second video outlining your practice.
  • Everything is written and produced in our studio.
  • All you have to do is approve the script!

Package B - Practice Showcase

Show potential patients what sets you apart! This video will highlight your practice philosophy, what makes you unique, and why prospective patients should choose you. Including this video as a rich media source on your homepage can better optimize your website and potentially improve search engine rankings.

Practice Showcase
  • 3-4 minute video giving an overview of your practice.
  • 1-2 minute section including testimonials and information about staff members.
  • Reporter voice-over option.

Package C - Video Testimonials

Few things are as powerful as genuine patient testimonials. This package allows you to feature 5 patients who have enjoyed your services. Patients spend a total of 30 minutes in the office interviewing and narrating their experiences as your patient. Build your reputation by providing prospective patients with real success stories!

Video Testimonials
  • 5 individual video testimonials.
  • 1-2 minute videos for each of the testimonials.
  • Patient interviews and "mock" situations with the doctor.

The Ultimate Video Combo (Packages B & C)

This discounted combo-pack gives your practice increased exposure and couples together our top two packages allowing you to give potential patients a comprehensive overview of your practice. With the practice showcase video and patient testimonials, new prospects can easily gain further insight into you, your services, and the success stories of your current patients.

  • Potential patients get to know you on a more personal level - before ever meeting you.
  • Potential patients get to hear other patients' experiences.
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