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It seems as though every time you blink, the Internet has changed in some way, shape, or form. New technologies emerge, browsers change, Google updates its algorithms, and design trends improve. So how do you make sure your website keeps up with all of these constant changes while running your practice?

You hire ProSites.

Stay Up-To-Date, Forever | FutureNow Assurance

Your ProSites website is always up-to-date.

You have a dental practice to run, but a website that looks or feels obsolete gives an impression that your practice is behind the times, even unprofessional. You want to make a good impression, but you can’t spare a lot of time just to maintain a cutting edge site.

Your ProSites website is constantly being upgraded and improved to ensure it always remains up-to-date with the latest features, content, designs, and technology.

These changes are completely free for the life of your website.

We call this FutureNow Assurance.

Get More Control | Content Management System

No more costly website updates. No more waiting for your designer to implement changes to your site. Now, you can make changes yourself in just seconds; update staff information, add pictures, videos, and more. Advanced features are even available that allows either you or your staff to make professional quality web pages from scratch as easily as they could write in a Word document. You can even preview your work before you publish it live on the Internet.

Rather have us do it for you? No problem. You also get unlimited customer support from a friendly team that can make website updates on your behalf.

Pay Less, Get More | Free Upgrades & New Designs

Your website is specifically designed to bring in new patients. But, even the best looking websites need an update now and then.

Your ProSites website will immediately set new patients at ease by showcasing not just your professionalism, but by setting a caring, welcoming tone for the whole site. There is no better way to communicate that your practice is right for them than providing patient-focused content that will answer their questions, prompt new inquiries, and educate patients on your expertise.

You frequently receive new designs in your library, the latest website features, and back-end coding upgrades that keep your site running as effective as possible, free of charge. In the last few years alone, we’ve released dozens of new designs for you to choose from and new content, to show patients that your practice is up-to-date.

How do we do this?

Competitor Static Websites vs. ProSites Database Driven Websites

Static websites (i.e. most websites) are made up of a collection of files that remain unchanged and become outdated without constant modifications being made by a website designer. Since this is very time consuming, and costly, our competitors simply won’t do it.

To keep your website performing at its best, it must keep up with the ever-changing Internet. That’s why ProSites introduced the first Database-driven WebEngine Technology to the dental and medical industry.

Database-driven websites (ProSites) are dynamic and can be changed or updated very easily, saving both time and money.

While you’re busy running your dental practice, we’re busy focusing on new upgrades and enhancements that are coming out, and developing new releases that keep your website cutting-edge.

Database-driven websites save time, which saves you money.

Other Ways Your Site Benefits From Database-Driven Technology

When new browser updates emerge, most design firms simply don’t have the time to look at each website to ensure nothing has been "broken" within their website when it’s being viewed in the new browser. With ProSites, we’re able to look at all of our websites at once and ensure every single one of our clients websites is looking their best.

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