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ProSites offers the most advanced website solution available for medical and dental professionals. Our websites elevate your professionalism with superior designs, content, and features that enhance your image while turning online prospects into your new patients. We're not your typical website design firm. We give you more bang for your buck, and back it up with outstanding customer service and support.

Below are some common questions about our innovative service.

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    How is ProSites different from other website design firms?

    Well, first of all, we are trendsetters. We introduced the first Website Editor for medical and dental websites, and while other firms have tried to emulate our technology, we remain light-years ahead. We have exclusive WebEngine Technology that allows us to provide new features and enhancements for your website, free of charge. And, we have a dedicated team of professionals that are passionate about providing outstanding customer service and support. If you're the type of person that expects the very best, then pick up the phone and call us toll-free at (888) 932-3644.

    What do you mean by "WebEngine Technology"?

    ProSites is unique because our websites are "dynamic" rather than "static". Unlike old-fashioned website providers, ProSites uses database-driven technology that can dynamically update your website as Internet technologies change.

    For example, Apple's iPhone and iPad do not support websites that have Flash animations. This creates a giant "white hole" wherever Flash design elements exist. Because of our exclusive WebEngine Technology, ProSites is able to automatically detect an iPhone or iPad user and replace the Flash animation with graphics that perfectly complement our member's website design.

    We also continually design new pages, features, and enhancements for our clients. Our WebEngine Technology allows us to instantly roll out those new options as free upgrades. At the click of a button, you'll be able to get the latest advancements that keep your website on the cutting edge. With ProSites, you never have to worry about your website becoming outdated or obsolete.

    Does ProSites cost more?

    No, especially when you consider all of our free upgrades. Websites from other providers can become dated and boring, requiring you to buy a new website every few years. With ProSites, you'll benefit from our exclusive WebEngine Technology that enables us to continually design new pages, features, and enhancements which we roll out as free upgrades. Our technology also allows you to pick an entirely new website design whenever you feel the need for a new look (it's like getting a new website without having to pay for it!).

    It's important to note that almost half of our clients have switched from a competitor over to ProSites, and for good reason!

    Does ProSites design custom websites?

    Absolutely! Fully customized website design is our specialty. Our design team can create a website perfectly tailored to your unique brand and image. Best of all, our custom website designs run on the same WebEngine Technology that powers our pre-designed websites, meaning you'll benefit from the new pages, features, and enhancements that we frequently develop. Regardless of which type of website you choose (custom or pre-designed), you'll enjoy the many advantages of our exclusive technology and world-class service and support.

    If I chose a pre-designed website, will it look similar to the website of another local practice?

    ProSites is undoubtedly the web design leader, but not every practice has a website just yet, so we still hold just under 3% of the total market share. Theoretically, if 50 doctors in your local area have websites, only one of your competitors might also be a ProSites member. And even if this were the case, we have over 60 different designs in our Style Library for members to choose from. The chances of you both selecting the same website design are highly unlikely.

    For doctors seeking individuality, we do offer fully custom designs that are tailored to reflect your unique branding and professional image. And as a less expensive alternative, our talented design team can also create a semi-custom design that transforms one of our pre-designed site styles by adding custom graphics and logos to create a more personal style at an affordable price. Whether you wish to save money and recognize the value of going with a pre-designed website, or you prefer the exclusivity of a custom design, choose the option that works best for your practice. Either way, ProSites is here to work with you.

    If you simply can't decide on an option, start with a pre-designed style initially (and save money). If you decide within six months that you'd like to upgrade to a semi-custom or fully custom website design, we will apply 100% of your setup fee towards the new site. Either way, you can't lose!

    Is the free trial really free? Yes, absolutely!

    There's no payment or obligation of any kind, and there's no need to cancel anything. You get to see how everything works and you can personalize your trial website to your complete satisfaction. If you like what you see, sign up to become a ProSites member. If not, the trial will simply expire after 14 days. You have ZERO risk and nothing to lose, so try it now!

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