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The Ultimate Social Media Guide to Pinterest

A picture is worth a thousand words… can it also be worth a thousand new patients?  Pinterest is one of the key social networks that can help increase visibility for products, brands, and companies.  Through the online bookmarking of images, Pinterest users create a database of inspirational pictures that spark others to like, comment, or follow.   With a growth rate faster than Facebook and Twitter combined, Pinterest is the perfect platform to increase your exposure online.

Pinterest has some compelling statistics exhibiting how its use can lead to more website traffic and increased exposure:

• 50% of Pinterest users have kids (Pediatric dentists, can we get an “amen!”?).

• 3.6% of all traffic referrals come from Pinterest; and the social network has recently surpassed Yahoo! in website traffic referrals.

• In one month alone, Pinterest refers more traffic that Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined.

• Pinterest is the 3rd most frequented social network behind Facebook and Twitter.

• Pinterest users are more likely to follow brands on Pinterest than any other social network.  The average pinner follows 9.3 companies, while Facebook users follow 6.9 and Twitter users follow 8.5.

• Within their first two years, Facebook grew to boast 6 million users; Twitter gained 3 million users during their first two years.  During Pinterest’s first two years, they’ve acquired 10.4 million users – more than Facebook and Twitter combined.

Pinterest remains a force to be reckoned with as the social network continues on a journey of exponential growth. Are you ready to conquer marketing via Pinterest?

Click here to download the Ultimate Social Media Guide to Pinterest, part 2 of our 5 part social media series, and keep your eyes open for the upcoming guide on how to master Google+.