Increase Case Acceptance and Grow Practice Revenue

Dentists who use ShowCase can improve case acceptance by up to 50% while putting patients at ease.

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Easily Explain Patient Treatment Plans, the Cost, Benefits, and Alternatives with ShowCase

ShowCase includes must-have features that will help your practice explain each unique patient’s treatment plan, risks of not completing the plan, proposed timing of services, and costs.

ShowCase includes:

An easy-to-use interface where staff can enter examination results and recommendations, and select a recommended treatment presentation for each patient.

An interactive slideshow to help you present the recommended treatment right in the office. You can also print the presentation for patients to keep for their records, or upload to their patient portal for easy at-home access.

Over 50 short videos that easily explain dental procedures and recommended treatment plans. The videos can be added to each presentation and shown to the patient while in the chair.

Easily add the cost of procedures plus insurance coverage from your practice management system. You can also provide information on financing options and other specials to patients – right in the presentation! The more you can be transparent and upfront with the costs included as part of the plan, the more likely patients will accept the recommendations.

The ability to print the presentation and give it to patients before they leave your practice. Not only does this add to the professionalism of your practice, but patients have the comfort and convenience of reviewing it on their own at home. By providing a treatment plan in a tangible manner, you can make sure they don’t forget information shared, and they can take notes on the paper while talking it over with you.

What are the main benefits of using ShowCase?

Dental practices use ShowCase because the software pays for itself with just one more accepted patient treatment! Combined with the ability to put patients at greater ease while optimizing their oral healthcare, it’s a win-win for patients and your practice:

  • Increase case acceptance rates by up to 50% with customized presentations for each patient
  • Increase your practice revenue with a product that truly pays for itself
  • Dramatically reduce patient stress and indecision when explaining complex dental procedures
  • Maintain a digital record of your recommendations to patients
  • Save time with easy-to-use and explain presentation tools
  • Build trust with patients and help them understand the benefits of your recommendations

Improve the oral health of your patients with more accepted treatment plans.

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