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Provide Patient Care from Anywhere with Your Virtual Consult

Evaluate new patients, reduce patient in-office time, and simplify consultations... all right from your website!

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Showcase Your State-of-The-Art Technology

Your Virtual Consult is a teledentistry tool that is built right into your dental website, making it easy for current and new patients to show you their needs, right from their phone. They’ll be directed to choose the type of consult they’d like, list their concerns, and snap a few photos for your evaluation.

Triage Emergency Cases

Like most dentists, you only leave a certain number of appointments open for emergency dental services. If two patients both need help, Your Virtual Consult makes it easy to evaluate each case and prioritize care. You’ll be able to confidently ask a patient to wait until the next day while working on the more severe case.

Easily Attract New Leads

For patients who are nervous about visiting the dentist, starting the initial conversation can be daunting. Your Virtual Consult allows them to quickly snap photos of their smile and submit their case for your recommendations. This provides an easy way to open the conversation and creates a comforting environment right from the start!

Automate Your Cosmetic Leads

When patients need extensive cosmetic work, they can be nervous to start the conversation. Being able to send a snapshot securely through your website lowers the barrier to entry and allows you to collaborate on a treatment plan that fits their unique needs.

Continue Billing

Insurance is a major player for patients who need cosmetic work, so it’s essential to provide billable help right from the start. Virtual Consults can be coded and billed to insurance, and they help you create a treatment plan that patients feel comfortable with.

Save Time and Streamline Care

A Virtual Consultation gives you time to evaluate the treatment plan before each appointment begins, and it also allows you to get the patient onboard with each step. You can answer questions, order extra supplies, and build out a step-by-step plan before patients even sit in your chair!

Simplify Your Emergency Dental Triage and Consultations!

ProSites can easily create a customized Virtual Consult hub for your dental website! Patients will love the ability to quickly snap a photo and get your advice.