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Increase Case Acceptance While Putting Patients at Ease

Introducing ShowCase: A Case Presentation Tool that Makes it Easy to Present Treatment Plans

November 19th | 10am PDT

Are you looking for ways to increase profitability while improving the overall health of your patients? To help increase case acceptance, you must ensure patients fully understand your recommendations, the “why” behind these treatments, and associated risks if they choose to avoid or postpone your plan. Plus, your patients want to understand the costs and insurance breakdown of each.

Ultimately, presenting a treatment plan to each patient in an effective manner can be extremely tedious, time consuming, and overwhelming – to both patients and your practice – if you don’t have the right solutions and resources in place.

That’s why ProSites is proud to introduce ShowCase: a patient presentation tool that helps you easily share information about your recommended procedures for the patient, alternatives, and risks risks of not completing your recommendations. ShowCase also includes cost, timelines, and recommended next steps to ensure you and your patients are on the same page.

Join our webinar on 11/19 at 10am PDT to learn all about ShowCase and why dentists are raving about this incredible new system. You’ll discover:

  • The 12 essential elements included with ShowCase (created by a dentist, for dentists)
  • The easy-to-use interface that lets you create customized patient treatment plans while saving time and resources
  • How your entire team (hygienists and staff) can also benefit from utilizing ShowCase
  • How ShowCase works and integrates with your Practice Management System
  • And so much more!

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