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The Final Piece in Your Dental SEO Strategy

ProSites handles the heavy lifting, getting backlinks to your website to improve your rank on Google

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Backlinks are essential to ranking on Google

In fact, backlinks are one of the most important indicators that Google takes into consideration when deciding what websites to rank. A site with more quality backlinks should generate more traffic to its website, leading to increased SEO scores and generating new leads. When another website finds your content valuable, they link back to it, proving to Google that your website is worth prioritizing.

Save Time

Traditionally, you get backlinks by reaching out to industry leaders and asking them to link to your content. This time-consuming strategy typically requires you to email major websites and provide a link to your content, asking them to direct traffic to your website. But ProSites handles this heavy lifting for you, cultivating these relationships and working with site owners to link back to relevant pages on your site that you’re trying to rank with. This allows you to build your backlinks with minimal effort, so you can focus on delivering excellent customer service for your clients.

Beat the Competition

If your competition is already developing their backlinking strategies, you need to catch up as quickly as possible. ProSites will research your competing firms and put together a strategy to “close the gap” and strengthen your own site’s authority. Our marketing specialists can meet with you and review the number of backlinks that each of your competitors have, their SEO rankings, and what pages they’re focusing on. Then we will help develop a customized plan to help you outrank and outsmart your competitors. As with all marketing strategies, a customized solution will always work better than a one-size-fits-all plan, so our team will meet with you to evaluate your goals and current rankings.

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