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Any office marketing impacts a patient's view of your pracitce. You need a dental marketing company and true partner agency that understands your patient needs and delivers proven ROI. Our dental marketing experts help you set the right marketing activities for practice growth.

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To do this, you’ll access services that are built around the 3 pillars of patient interaction:

Attract Prospective Patients

Get greater visibility on search engines and social networks.

Effective Dental PPC Advertising: Attract More Patients

Dental pay-per-click (PPC) ads help attract new patients to your practice by putting you in front of them at the right time. Roughly 90% of internet users see PPC ads, 65% of people click on them, and PPC ads return roughly $2 for every dollar invested.

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Maximize Reach with Facebook Ads for Dental Practices

With 263 million users in the U.S. and Canada, Facebook unsurprisingly ranks with Google in paid channels with the highest ROI. This means, Facebook ads are ideal for your practice to increase brand awareness, drive demand for your services, and accelerate patient acquisition

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Engaging Dental Social Media Strategies to Boost Visibility

With 263 million users in the U.S. and Canada, Facebook unsurprisingly ranks with Google in paid channels with the highest ROI. This means, Facebook ads are ideal for your practice to increase brand awareness, drive demand for your services, and accelerate patient acquisition

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Advanced Dental SEO Techniques for Higher Online Visibility

The top 3 Google search results get 75% of all clicks, and websites on the first search engine results page get almost 95% of all traffic. So, in a competitive dental market, SEO is essential to getting found by patients searching for dental services in your area.

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Strengthen Your Dental SEO with Proven Backlink Solutions

Backlinks are closely associated with high rankings in search engines. The #1 search result in Google has roughly 4X more backlinks than positions #2-#10. As the final piece in your SEO strategy, ProSites handles your website backlinks to rank higher on Google.

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Convert Prospective Patients into New Patients

Drive prospective patients to your site and encourage them to contact your practice.

Custom Dental Website Design for Higher Patient Conversion

Over 90% of people leave a website because of poor design, and 42% leave because of poor functionality. Over 7,500 dental practices trust us for websites that convert visitors into new patients through captivating designs, optimal functionality, and lead-capturing features.

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Strengthen Your Dental Brand for Enhanced Patient Trust

Uniformly presented brands are 3.5X more visible. As a result, brand consistency has been shown to increase revenue by 33%. Establish a cohesive brand for your dental practice both online and offline with our dental practice branding packages.

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Captivating Dental Video Marketing for Patient Engagement

Showcase your practice and attract new patients with custom done-for-you marketing videos. Generating more engagement on social media than any other type of content, 93% of businesses say they’ve acquired a new client thanks to video, which also boosts SEO.

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Boost Your Practice's Reputation with Expert Dental Marketing

People trust social proof, and 70% of prospective patients want to read an online review before choosing a dentist. Our reputation marketing makes it easy for your practice to stay on top of patient reviews and share them online to acquire new patients and build your reputation.

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Custom Design Services for Dental Websites

Website visitors decide within 3 seconds whether to stay or leave. We know what patients are looking for and what keeps them engaged when they search for a dentist online. Check out our best dental website examples below. Like what you see? Find out what ProSites can do for you. Give us a call at (888) 932-3644.

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Delight, Engage & Retain Patients

Stay connected.

Secured Onboarding & Online Forms for Enhanced Patient Experience

In an online world where patients want convenience, digital forms are 40% faster for patients to fill out than traditional forms. As a result, online forms save dental practices time at the start of each appointment, eliminate paper forms, and improve efficiency by streamlining patient onboarding.

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Simple Online Payments: Enhancing Dental Practice Efficiency

Nearly 70% of people now prefer to pay for medical bills online. To serve patient preferences and increase revenue for your practice, we provide a secure, HIPPA compliant payment solution built right into your website so you can spend less time chasing payments and more time running your practice.

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Innovative Dental Treatment Software for Patient Education

Patient education improves treatment acceptance. ShowCase presentation software is an easy-to-use interface that easily explains treatment plans to patients, the costs, benefits, and alternatives. ShowCase can improve case acceptance by up to 50% and puts patients at ease.

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Embrace Virtual Consultations for Accessible Dental Care

Virtual consultations provide equitable access to dental consultations, address dental anxiety, and shorten in-office wait times. For these reasons, some 80% of patients now embrace virtual consultations, easily provided right from your website and coded and billed to insurance.

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Automated Recall & Reminder Software for Improved Dental Practice Management

Automated appointment reminders reduce no-shows, increase appointments, and improve practice productivity. On average, our dental recall and reminder software adds 2.5 appointments per day and saves practices 40 hours per month on patient communications.

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