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Attract leads and increase engagement with social media marketing for Medicare Agents

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Attract new clients during annual enrollment

ProSites helps you make the most of the annual enrollment period with Facebook Ads. You can use ads to engage prospective clients, attract new leads, and drive them to your website. Our team will design ad copy and images that speak to the needs of your potential clients and then help you target the right demographics.

Make experts work for you

ProSites has more than a decade of experience in social media and digital marketing. Our team of experts make it easy to engage with clients and attract new leads on social media. The best part? We handle everything, from design to execution, so you can get back to work.

Create a professional first impression

A sleek, modern website is at the center of your marketing. ProSites can help you create a professional image right from the start. We make it easy to attract prospects who need the services you offer with a custom website, so your insurance business can grow.

Engage your current clients

Having an up-to-date Facebook page provides an opportunity to showcase your professionalism and expertise to your current clients. Our team will create and post engaging, branded content to attract new clients, support current clients, and build their loyalty.

Build brand recognition

The Medicare clients you want to reach use social media and search online for services. Our team designs relevant and helpful content with the correct search terms and locations to connect you to people interested in Medicare insurance. We can help you build brand recognition by being at the top of results, so when a prospective client searches for your services, your business is there.

Instantly engage with leads

When a new lead comes in, it’s essential to send your reply as quickly as possible. To help you connect right away and start a conversation when you’re top of mind for your client, ProSites immediately delivers leads to your inbox.

Great content with less work

Regular posting strengthens your relationships with your current clients and engages potential leads, but it can be difficult to find the time to post every week. Our experts create relevant content and post it on your behalf, so you stay in constant communication with no extra work.

"Getting my website done through Melissa and ProSites was the best decision. They are the true definition of professionalism. They offered great prices and exceptional ideas. Thank you again for everything."

Patty Ahoia, Medicare Agent  

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