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"Absolutely fantastic!"

Absolutely fantastic! The ProSites team has been amazing with creating, organizing and advising not 1, not 2, but 10, yes 10!, websites for us here at the We Care Dental Group, and there will be more to come! They are super-fast with update requests and very creative in their own right, letting me know what might work better then what I had originally asked for! Thank you so much ProSites team, I look forward to working with you forever!

Jackie Gibbons |
Member since 2015

"We are #1 on Google search most of the time for Urbandale area, so the telephone rings a lot.... Thanks!!! "

Dr. Tippins |
Member Since: April 2012

"I love ProSites!"

I love ProSites! We have used their service for several years and have always enjoyed excellent customer service. Several months ago we switched the confirmation service we used to PracticeMojo, the service offered with our website. PracticeMojo has been excellent and has really made life easier for our front desk staff! They have superb customer service as well. Another feature we take advantage of is the secure online forms through Dental Symphony. Our patients love being able to fill out forms securely from their smart phones or computer and it cuts down on our scanning! We are very satisfied with our service!

Shanna Church Evans |
Member Since July 2015

“The customer service they provide to be consistently excellent!”

I have used ProSites for several years and have found the quality of their product and the customer service they provide to be consistently excellent! Today working with Nathan Shappy was no different - thank you Nathan!

Elizabeth Demichelis |
Member since March 2011

“Overall service is great!”

They were attentive to requests, fast and overall service is great!

Justine Needs, Patient Coordinator |
Member Since June 2018

"They will not disappoint"

I am currently working with ProSites on a website for a dental mission that I work with every year. The design team is amazing! The web designs they offer are detailed and creative. Ashley Roldan and her design team have made this process enjoyable to say the least. Luis Paz-Soldan, a member services rep is extremely talented and very efficient. When you email a request of change, Luis will have it done and communicated to you within the same day, sometimes even within the hour! I have asked for quite a few changes and Luis has met each request problem-free. I would recommend ProSites to anyone who needs to design a website. They will not disappoint.

Reenie Clements-Reese |
Member since June 2012

"My favorite part of the website is that... it has attracted a lot of new patients."

My biggest fear was not knowing how the website would work out and if it would live up to what I expected and be a good dollar value. In reality it has worked out very well and has been a very good dollar value. My favorite part of the website is that it is easy to modify or update, I get amazing customer service, and it has attracted a lot of new patients. I would tell a friend that ProSites does very nice work, they’re easy to work with, dependable, very quick responses to questions and can handle all facets of my website and internet presence.

Dr. Steven M. Stanley |
Member Since: July 2008

"It couldn’t be easier to create a website with ProSites!"

More patients today are either looking for a dentist on the Internet or checking to make sure your office appears up-to-date. ProSites gave me the opportunity to create a website in the matter of minutes that is flexible to changes I want to make and a bargain compared to other web designers. It couldn’t be easier to create a website with ProSites!

Dr. Chad Leighty |
Member Since: June 2011

"The best thing I have done in the past 3 years is: ProSites."

I have been in practice for over 25 years as a periodontist and have been doing implants since 1990 very successfully. Times are constantly changing and we professionally must also change! The best thing I have done in the past 3 years is: ProSites, social media, and read ‘The World is Flat’ by Thomas L. Friedman. Patients have selected our office because of our website! Your website will be a very productive part of your team.

Dennis Nishimine, DDS, MSD |
Member Since: June 2009

"Thank you for giving such a wonderful website at affordable price!"

I just heard from my new patient yesterday that she found me on the Chinese newspaper and searched on my website before she decided to come, and she will become a long term patient. Thank you for giving such a wonderful website at affordable price!

Mengtao |
Member Since: December 2010

"You have taken a great deal of stress out of my daily work life!"

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how excited I am about our new webpage. As I was reviewing the test page I was amazed at the content. It was like you had been to our office! Everything was spot on. Our philosophy about dentistry and the way we treat our patients, the value we place on the health of their mouths and how important our patients are to us, it was all there already. After my training I feel completely confident and at ease with making changes and editing the content on my own. Everyone I have dealt with at your company has been amazing. I really think our new webpage will enhance our practice. Thank you again for everything, you have been fantastic. Thank you ProSites, now I can have control of my webpage without having to understand web language. You have taken a great deal of stress out of my daily work life!

Jodi Stolinski, Office Manager for Bernard Rust, DDS, MAGD |
Member Since: June 2010

"All in all, I really could not be happier."

As I have delved into the site, I am completely amazed at the amount of quality content you all provide. Your company has done a fabulous job of providing good, well written, accurate information as well as creating an easy to use tool and great designs to choose from! All in all, I really could not be happier — it certainly has exceeded my expectations.

Mark Hammond |
Member Since: February 2013

"My experience with ProSites has been a pleasure!"

My sales rep Gary was knowledgeable, helpful and very pleasant. The cost was also very fair considering the product, service and the results I have gotten. Building the website with the help of the customer service team was fun and the site came out great. Using the website editor feature I have subsequently added things to my site. This ability to make modifications in the future will serve me well. The SEO is terrific as I am on the first page when most keywords are searched. I have gotten many new patients as a result of my site. Thanks ProSites.

Scott H. Shacknow DMD |
Member Since: March 2015

"I have had such a positive experience working with ProSites..." create a site that, I feel, reflects the atmosphere we have strived to create in our practice. Being a family practice, we wanted our website to have that personal touch and not just look like a 'stock' website with the blanks filled in. I have been so pleased with the results and there has always been someone available to help me and answer any questions I had about the process, no matter how many questions I had. While I am somewhat computer friendly, it was such a relief to have a consultant walk me through the initial process and, at times, go ahead and update things for me when I was having trouble. We look forward to continuing to grow our practice with ProSites and would highly recommend them for any size practice wishing to improve their online presence.

Jenna L. Stover, DDS |
Member Since: June 2015

"Must say I’m loving the website..."

Everyone’s complimenting me on it... They all think I spent a fortune! I’ve been playing with it all day!

Dr. Jonathan Montag |
Member Since: January 2007

"We just went live today and I’m definitely more than pleased. Thanks for really hitting this one out of the park."

Valerie Church, Director of Marketing |
Member Since: June 2008

"I want to thank you for your consistent updates, and bringing this project together in the timeline that you projected. It is very much appreciated!"

Cheryl Okamoto |
Member Since: May 2007

"Thanks for your insight in creating such a wonderful program to work with — you are definitely very innovative in what you offer!"

Susan Drachenberg |
Member Since: February 2007

"The support that the ProSites staff offers is excellent."

What I like about ProSites? It’s the most cost effective service we have in the practice. And its flexibility in changing our web page whenever and to whatever we feel needed. With the changing economy we enjoy being able to address concerns of our patients and potential patients. The support that the ProSites staff offers is excellent. They are always available with a solution to whatever our Web page of e-mail needs may be.

Kimberley Byron, Michael Garner DDS |
Member Since: January 2007

"My favorite part of working with ProSites website was being able to pick up the phone and speak with [them]."

My biggest fear before hiring ProSites was that a new website company would have me leveraged; investing the time, energy, expense, seo ranking, establishing a domain and presence with my market and then worrying about having to undo all of that if things don't work out.

My favorite part of working with ProSites website and Internet marketing services was being able to pick up the phone and speak with Scott Spencer or Marco and discuss the design process.

Dr. Christopher Emma, DMD |
Member Since: September 2011

"They are amongst the top companies I have ever dealt with in all my years of business..."

I’ve been with ProSites for many years and can easily say that they are amongst the top companies I have ever dealt with in all my years of business. One of the greatest aspects of this company is their customer service. Having said that, Paige Nichols, provides me with the highest customer service I’ve ever received. Paige is prompt, courteous, professional and thorough. She follows through and has a reply for me ASAP, or will refer me to someone at ProSites who can better answer my request. Paige is truly top notch and I consider myself extremely lucky to have her as a business associate. Thank you, Paige for all the wonderful service you provide our office.

Sandra G. Reyes, DDS |
Member Since: April 2007

"We just checked our new mobile website and we love it!"

We just checked our new mobile website and we love it! Thank you very much, great job. We are going to recommend you to everyone we can. Thanks again!

Luis Sarria |
Member Since: July 2010

"I wanted to let you know we really enjoy using ProSites for all of our website needs."

Alex Valdez |
Member since: July 2011

"Thank you to you and to all who make us look so great..."

Thought you might like to know that we had a New Patient come in this morning and as Dr. Garner was having the initial conversation with this new patient the patient went into a “Praise and Worship” time about the Website. He had really scoured it, used the information to determine which one of the doctors he will see and which one his daughter will see, view the pictures and liked having the New Patient form to fill out. Needless to say, Dr. Garner was just bursting with pride! (good way to start any day!) Thank you to you and to all who make us look so great even before we even have had a chance to speak with a prospective patient, let alone meet them face to face.

Kimberly Byron, Michael Garner DDS |
Member Since: January 2007

"I can easily say that I am a VERY satisfied customer of ProSites..."

I can easily say that I am a VERY satisfied customer of ProSites, especially their Advanced SEO/SEM performance. The results have proven to be extremely effective in a short time and the reports helped me to understand where my patients are coming from. It was a great value!

William Moskowitz, DDS, FAGD, LLC |
Member Since: March 2010

"We have been extremely pleased with the product that ProSites has designed for us, and the customer service has been exceptional!"

Cheryl Okamoto |
Member Since: May 2007

"The investment in your business is worth it – Trust me!"

We are so beyond satisfied with the service we have received from ProSites. Their SEO Department will make sure your business stands out to potential and existing customers; the investment in your business is worth it — Trust me!

Lundstrom Family Dentistry |
Member Since: January 2010

"ProSites provides great custom support..."

...a vast amount of website designs to choose from and the ability to customize it anyway you like. Being able to make unlimited changes anytime I want, without additional fees, is what sets ProSites apart from the others.”

Dr. Andy Hoang, DDS |
Member Since: September 2009

"I have been in private practice for two weeks now and the patients really like the website. I am happy that people are responding so well."

Oneal F. Russell, III DDS |
Member Since: April 2007

"ProSites customer service has been excellent since our start, they are there when you need them."

Dr. Bart Cleary |
Member Since: September 2011

"I want to thank you again for helping me with my website."

I honestly never had anyone as good, detail oriented, thorough, professional and prompt. Every time I contacted you, you answered my questions or returned my messages promptly. This is very important in customer service. You are an asset to the company and I wish you much success in your career.

Sharokina Eshaghi DMD |
Member Since: August 2015

"I have a wonderful ProSites website for my pediatric dental practice and I have had the opportunity refer many of my colleagues to ProSites. I really love the professional look of the page, the ease of use and easy edits."

Mandy Ashley DMD, MsEd, MS |
Member Since: 2012

"I have been so impressed with ProSites..."

I have been so impressed with ProSites since I started working with the dental office 5 years ago. I came to Dr. Hull's office shortly after he started his practice, and he had just purchased a semi-custom ProSites website and asked me to take it over. I contacted ProSites' customer service and they were absolutely amazing. Anytime I have called to request information or changes be made, ProSites was right on it.

Over the past 5 years, ProSites has stayed in contact with me from time to time, whether it was to let me know of a personnel change or simply to check in to see if everything was going well.

I have been in this industry for 31 years now - and have had experience with a few different web companies, PBHS being one of them. Not only do all their highly priced websites look the same, their customer service did not even come close to ProSites. I would highly recommend ProSites...the semi-custom website and hosting packages are reasonably priced but loaded with options for the user.

Laura Ruscio, CDA, CPFDA, CRFDA |
Member Since: May 2012

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