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Attract New Patients Each Month with Compelling Videos

Video marketing helps you highlight your friendly staff and beautiful office so patients feel welcomed, then seal the deal with video testimonials from your favorite patients. Most dental practices operate in an area with numerous competitors, so it’s essential to find a way to stand out from the crowd, and videos help you shine. ProSites handles every step of production and strategy, so you get continuous results with minimal effort.

Rank Higher in Search Results

Google now displays videos at the top of most search results. A professional video gives you the unique opportunity to rank higher for competitive terms in your area, such as “dentists near me.” When combined with a robust SEO plan, you can rank with both your website and videos. ProSites makes it easy for your practice to stand out with video marketing.

A video specifically designed to market your practice.

ProSites helps dental practices attract new leads and support existing patients through technology designed to grow your practice. Video marketing is the latest, innovative tool to help fill your appointment book and increase revenue. Take a look at how one customer is using video to market their practice.

Use YouTube to Find New Patients

Give prospective patients an opportunity to learn about your practice on one of the most viewed sites on the internet: YouTube. The ProSites team will create your videos, upload them to YouTube, embed them on your website, and post them to social media. Sharing videos from your YouTube channel is easy, so you can put your videos in your e-newsletters or send them to patients who have questions. ProSites handles the custom optimization, social sharing, and settings so you can make the most of your new content.

Encourage Patients to Spend More Time on Your Website

One of the biggest indicators Google looks at to determine how high your website ranks in search results is something called “time spent on page.” The longer patients spend on your site, the more Google wants to recommend your great content to other searchers. Videos are an easy way to boost time spent on page, as viewers will watch to see what your practice has to offer. This boosts the overall SEO value of your site, helping you to rank higher on relevant searches.

Get a Holistic View of Your Marketing

In addition to creating and optimizing your videos, ProSites also provides a comprehensive monthly report. You’ll review stats for the views of each video, engagement on social media, and the success of your YouTube channel. Most importantly, you’ll get full tracking of all the leads that come from your videos, allowing you to see your return on investment each month.

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