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Attract New Patients with Compelling Dental Marketing Videos

Most dental practices operate in an area with numerous competitors, so it’s essential to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Video marketing helps you highlight your friendly staff and beautiful office so patients feel welcomed, then close the deal with video testimonials from your favorite patients. ProSites handles every step of production and each video launch so you get amazing results with minimal effort.

Rank Higher in Search Results

In recent years, Google has adapted to the “on-demand video” trend by providing videos at the top of most search results. This gives you the unique opportunity to rank for the most competitive terms in your area while simultaneously giving searchers something distinctive from other dentists in your area. When combined with a robust SEO plan, you can even rank with both your dental practice videos and website, giving you two to three listings on the first page of search result.

A video specifically designed to market your practice.

ProSites helps dental practices attract new leads and support existing patients through technology designed to grow your practice. Video marketing is the latest, innovative tool to help fill your appointment book and increase revenue. Take a look at how one customer is using video to market their practice.

Utilize YouTube to Find New Patients

YouTube gets over 2 billion visitors per month, and you can give them the opportunity to learn about your practice. They’re also owned by Google, so over 80% of ranking videos will come from YouTube. YouTube makes sharing your dental marketing videos easy, as you can embed videos on your site, post on social media, and include video links in your emails.

Support Your Website with More Traffic

One of the biggest indicators that Google looks at to determine rankings is something called “time spent on page.” Dental website videos are an easy way to boost this metric, as viewers will stop for minutes at a time to watch them. This helps to boost the overall SEO value of your site, helping you to rank higher on relevant searches.


Video marketing is the process of creating custom videos to showcase your business, staff, and services. Since it is an underutilized marketing channel, it provides an excellent opportunity to stand out from the crowd, especially in the dental marketing landscape. Typically, dentists use video to tour their dental office space, showcase their staff, as well as show off testimonials from loyal patients.

Like any marketing strategy, you need to start by looking at your competition, ideal patient, and location. Our experts at ProSites can help evaluate your assets and record videos that speak to your strengths, then handle the customization and distribution strategy to maximize the effectiveness of your dental marketing videos.

Dental video marketing provides comprehensive benefits that increase the overall health of your marketing. Adding dental marketing videos to your website increases time on page, one of the central metrics for optimizing your SEO. Google also prioritizes videos over webpages, giving you the opportunity to leapfrog over the competition.

Video is simultaneously extremely compelling for consumers while being underutilized across the industry. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text, making it the perfect channel to build brand recognition. Video also 50x more likely to get organic rankings than a plain text page, creating the opportunity to compete against practices with a streamlined SEO strategy.

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