3 Steps to Create Branded Content

While it only takes 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about whether they like your website, visitors’ first impressions are lasting.  And, building a recognizable practice image is an essential aspect of online marketing.  Beyond having an esthetically pleasing website, you can further enhance visitors’ first impressions with branded content.  In fact, studies indicate that 38% of a prospect’s first impressions are based on the tone in which your brand communicates.

Find Your Voice

There are many proven exercises that will help you discover the tone you want your practice to project, and the following creative processes will help you find your voice.

Understand Your Audience

The “are/are not list” is one of the easiest methods to discover who your target patient is. Once you determine who you are most trying to communicate to, you can decide the manner in which you should be communicating.

Start by imagining your ideal patient. Identify their qualities, such as: Are they young or old? Male or female? Are they well-educated? Are they wealthy?

As an example, a prosthodontist, Dr. Smith’s list may be:

• Our patients are concerned about their appearance.
• Our patients are wealthy.
• Our patients are educated.
• Our patients are not rash.
• Our patients are not modest.
• Our patients are not youthful.

From this, Dr. Smith can better understand that her audience is likely older, thinks through their decisions, and is willing to spend more money on a top-quality esthetic service.

Define Your Style

Once you understand the persona of your target audience, you can formulate the type of grammar, vocabulary, and tone that will resonate best with your prospects. Define where your style will fall somewhere between each of these extremes:

Formal                                                                    Conversational
Detached                                                                                   Warm
Professional                                                                         Playful
Serious                                                                             Humorous
Relaxed                                                                                 Anxious

If you determine that your style should be more conversational, warm, and playful you will want to use a vocabulary and sentence structure that supports this style.

Maintain Your Voice

Once you begin to develop your practice style and voice, it’s important to consistently communicate in that voice. Remember, each time you publish something online or create a new business card, mailer, etc., ask yourself, “Is this consistent with the tone of voice I’ve branded my practice with?”

If you find yourself answering, “No,” reassess the publication and try to cast your voice into the piece.

Creating a recognizable tone that speaks to your target market will help you stand out as a provider they can trust. When researching your services, prospective patients don’t select a provider solely based on the appearance of their website or their flyer. Prospects are going to choose the practice that has the attributes they are looking for in a provider, and communicating effectively can help you win over your desired market.

For more information about creating a recognizable brand, read our blog post about building a unified brand image.