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Best Dental Websites of 2024 [21 Award Winning Examples to Inspire]

Your dental office website should be the number one source of new patients for your practice. But, is it doing a good job? Is it one of the best dental websites that you can find online?

Being part of the digital world is no longer optional, it’s mandatory. Websites and online searches are the way that patients are actively finding and connecting everyday with new dental providers.

If you want to get new patients, you need to be highly visible online. You probably need to start ranking higher on search results and you should be appealing and engaging to your target audience.

Your dental website, a crucial part of your dental SEO and dental marketing SEO strategy, should load quickly and offer straightforward navigation. It should also enable patients to effortlessly discover your services, make appointments online, or contact your team – all achievable with just a single click.

Whatever your style preference, here are…

8 things the best dental websites have in common

There are a handful of web design features that all these websites have in common which have helped them land on the top of search results. Here are a few:

  1. Responsive (mobile-friendly) dental websites: All the websites have a responsive design, meaning they will resize automatically to fit any screen size to ensure a flawless viewing experience.
  1. Captivating imagery: Your dental website will have a few seconds to make an incredible first impression. The dental website inspiration below showcases beautiful images that immediately convey a professional and trustworthy first impression.
  1. Quick load times: People will not wait more than 3 seconds for a page to load. These dental websites have been highly optimized and responsive. Their loading times will ensure a great user experience on the website.
  1. Easy to navigate: Each of these dental website examples has a well-organized structure and navigation menu with various options that the visitor could explore.
  1. Clear contact information: It’s important to help visitors easily find the information they are looking for. These sample dental websites display location, click to call phone numbers and even a way to request an appointment online.
  1. Calls to Action (CTA): Prominent calls to action should flow naturally and should be placed strategically through the website. They should be highly visible and should drive action.
  1. Reviews and testimonials: More than 80% of online searchers trust reviews as if they were a personal recommendation. No wonder why Google has been taking reviews as a ranking factor.
  1. Compliance: Make sure that your practice’s website is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (AwDA). To mitigate risk and to ensure current and prospective dental patients have the best dentist website experience possible, offer an accessible option.

Bonus Tip: All websites should make this a priority, but in the great dental website design it’s particularly important: Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Patients have a lot of anxiety when looking for a new dental office, so keep the tone of your website light, friendly, reassuring, and welcoming. Great dental websites post freebies like coloring pages for kids on their dental blog. Try to impart a real sense of belonging and security to your visitors. It will pay off in new patients and patient retention.

If you would like to succeed, check out the best practices shown in these best dental websites examples for 2024.

  1. West Side Family Dentistry

West Side Family Dentistry Website

Why we love this great dental website: This website has a clear navigation path at the top of the screen, along with the social media networks, phone number and address being prominently displayed.

In addition to beautiful imagery, the website highlights useful call to action (CTA) buttons, so visitors can schedule an appointment directly or contact the office.

The homepage also provides easy access to services, reviews and financial options!

  1. Delta Centre for Laser & Cosmetic Dentistry – Dr. Jennifer Matthews

Delta Center for Laser and Cosmetic Dentistry - Dr. Jennifer Matthews Website

Why we love this great dental website: Simple and with beautifully crafted imagery, this website provides a friendly, modern look that is appealing to the eye.

This dental site features a complete navigation menu at the top of the screen and has an easy to follow structure that will guide visitors through the practice services and treatments.

Without a lot of text within the homepage, the website does highlight the contact information and allows users to request an appointment.

  1. Clovis Orthodontics

Clovis Orthodontics Website

Why we love this great dental website: The animated banner provides immediate engagement and a welcoming taste into this website, lifting up the mood to continue to navigate through the rest of the homepage. Clear and diverse calls to action will follow, so users can either take a tour through the office, meet Dr. Shyn or even request an appointment!

If the visitor chooses to keep going, a friendly message from the practice and quick links to its services will guide them so that at the end of the screen, they will be able to fill out a contact form. What a smooth journey!

  1. Town and Country Dental Arts

Town & Country Dental Arts Website

Why we love this great dental website: Town and Country indeed! Nature does stand out providing a welcoming and positive vibe to this website. The clear navigation menu at the top of the screen has everything patients will need! An actionable link to call the practice, to request an appointment and easy access to connect through social media networks.

Users are first and foremost, driven to take action. However, if users keep scrolling down, they will have access to information about the practice and its services. All-in-one, very complete!

  1. Smiles for Colorado Orthodontics

Smiles for Colorado Orthodontics Website

Why we love this great dental website: The mind reader! This website is awesome to drive smiles and actions, taking visitors where they need to go almost immediately. It doesn’t matter if they need to fill a patient form, a doctor referral and/or to contact the practice directly. They can get all these options highlighted at the very top of the screen.

Plus, users can easily connect through social media networks or request an appointment on the spot. No need to scroll down at all!

  1. Banff Dentistry

Banff Dentistry Dental Website

Why we love this great dental website: Patients do not need to go out of their house! They can discover the beauty of this dental practice from the inside out. The welcoming animated tour of the actual office, will allow visitors to live the experience from their own personal device!

The option to call or to make an appointment stands out with beautifully crafted CTA buttons at the top of the screen. Plus, easy navigation to social media networks, procedures, patient information and contact, are exquisitely displayed.

  1. Lake Center

Lake Center Dental Website

Why we love this great dental website: This can be considered one of the best dental websites for a few reasons. First, the phone number is prominent in multiple areas. The actionable click to call button enables patients to contact the practice quickly on their mobile device.

Next, the immediate invites for visitors to connect through social media networks. And then, the clever chatbot that pops up in a bright green color that’s clearly there to help out all the visitors. It even follows them around, with a very persistent message: “We are here!”.

Also, kudos to the stylish and charming dental web design. Finally, the engaging slideshow displaying beautiful images is definitely meant to be welcoming and appealing to all!

  1. Time To Smile Dental

Time to Smile Dental Website

Why we love this great dental website: This website is definitely one of a kind. Its conservative look provides an immediate impression of expertise, credibility and authority.

Plus, its structure provides easy navigation to what matters the most: procedures, reviews, financing options, contact, appointment request, patient information and specials!

Last but not least, a big CTA button calling for a Google Review will stand out in bright colors at the end of the homepage, meaning the practice is engaging customers. Great job!

reviews time to smile

  1. Provinces Dental

Provinces Dental Website

Why we love this great dental website: A big welcome with a big smile! Interaction and friendliness is what this site is all about.

The web design encourages the user to call as soon as it loads up. A clever CTA button stands out in blue color and just needs a simple click to call.

The warm welcome continues with an easy access to information about services and a clear invitation to interact. Visitors are encouraged to ask questions, to connect through social media or to talk to the practice. Users definitely get a friend that will make them smile!

  1. Aspen Dental

Aspen Dental Website

Why we love this great dental website: This website is a delight! Its beautiful imagery will take visitors back into nature, almost as if they could breathe the breeze of the forest, as if they were lost within the color of the mountains.

Encouraging the visitors to request an appointment or to contact the practice, are clear options that pop up as soon the site loads up. No need to go down! The ways to get in touch and even the office hours are displayed immediately.

Moreover, the informational links allow the users to learn more about the doctor, to take an office tour, to get a feel for the new patient information or to visit the smile gallery.

The web design is unique! Highly contrasting colors and pictures will stand out as users keep exploring the dental website.

  1. Royal Dental Boston

Royal Dental Boston Dental Website

Why we love this great dental website: Action Time! It is very hard to beat a Virtual Consultation Option highlighted at the top of the screen, immediately after displaying the number to call, the address and the ability to connect through social media networks.

Even the slideshow banner – crafted with incredibly appealing images – urges users to request an appointment. Visitors are clearly invited to engage with the dental practice. As they should!

Charming informational thumbnails will allow users to meet the doctor, learn more about the services and get access to patient information. It has it all!

  1. Better Living Through Dentistry

Better Living Through Dentistry Dental Website

Why we love this great dental website: A website that appeals to everyone. All ages, colors, races and/or sexual orientations are welcome! They are all present and highlighted within the imagery being displayed as soon as visitors open the site.

The simple, elegant but impactful web design does not distract the user. The website provides easy navigation to learn about services, new patients procedures and financial options.

At the top of the screen, the dental website allows the visitors to call the office or to visit the patient portal. Plus, it does provide the option of requesting an appointment online and indicates the locations to visit.

  1. Hillcrest Dental Group

Hillcrest Dental Group Dental Website

Why we love this great dental website: Hassle free and easy to contact. Visitors can either drive or call. It is all at the very top right corner of the screen.

The website does offer a clear navigation structure and drop down links within services, patient information, reviews, contact and access to the blog.

However, as users get to know the dental practice they are highly encouraged to take a tour of the office and to meet the team. Highly organized, with beautifully contrasting imagery and text, just visiting is a real pleasure.

  1. Sky Family Dentistry

Sky Family Dentistry Dental Website

Why we love this great dental website: This website intends visitors to discover the practice before they request an appointment or make a call.

An easy to navigate top menu will guide users so they can discover the practice, its services, patient information, reviews and then get to contact the office. Big call to action buttons will encourage visitors to take the next step, calling or making an appointment.

Moving forward, the site does display a clear structure in which images complement very easy to read text. Clean and simple web design with a clear intent.

  1. Mentor Dental Arts

Mentor Dental Arts Dental Website

Why we love this great dental website: The accessibility icon is prominent at the top left making this a top dental website for meeting its community needs. Make sure you are AwDA compliant with an accessible website.

  1. Dr. Jenny White

Dr. Jenny White Dental Website

Why we love this great dental website: With all the changes over the past year and a half, having a virtual waiting room is an important key to a well designed dentist website.

This navigation bar is full of calls to action for a patient to take care of the entire process before even stepping in the door – from scheduling to paperwork and payment – without having to wait in the lobby or in their car.

  1. Frost Dental Group

Frost Dental Group Website

Why we love this great dental website: Location and contact information is quick to find. This dental web design inspiration gives community signals about its location – proximity to a large venue – which can help potential patients understand how convenient the office might be for them.

Also prominently posting their phone number tells patients that it is easy to get ahold of their office showcasing their commitment to patient communications.

  1. Glenview Dental Group

Why we love this great dental website: Not only do patients want to interact with your dental office online, but they want to get to know the staff as well.

Here, the Glenview Dental Group lets patients and prospective patients learn about their staff, their specialties, and their procedures.

Whether you’re a big dental office or an office with just one or two chairs, a well designed dental website featuring the faces that patients see brings a more connected experience.

  1. Lahair & Gallager Pediatric Dentistry

Why we love this great dental website: Bring on the personality! This is the first time new patients start to interact with Lahair & Gallagher and form their opinions about their experience with them…and they sure make it a good one!

Using bright pictures and fun moments they bring their dental office website personality to life.

  1. Orange County Pediatric Dental Group

Why we love this great dental website: The important things are at the top of this pediatric dental website. They explain why they stand out – an important piece of information for new and potential patients.

But making sure their current patients can find simple actions like online forms is equally important and this dental website example keeps both new and current patients top of mind.

  1. Cumming Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics Website

Why we love this great dental website: One of the first things you find on this modern dental website is their awards. They showcase their commitment to their community by sharing awards, patient testimonials, reviews of their dental practice.

It is a great example of how top dental websites communicate to new prospective patients.

Lots of Great Examples. Now What?

Having a top dental website can be as easy as finding the right template for your dental practice, deciding to customize a few pieces of a template, or building an entire custom website.

With over 100 responsive & mobile friendly templates, it’s easy to get started with ProSites. The best part is that even with a website template, our dentist offices have seen a great return on their investment.

To learn more about improving your dental website, call us at (888) 932-3644 to talk with an Internet Marketing Advisor. In the meantime, get inspired checking other successful dental website designs.

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