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Grow Your Dental Practice with Video Marketing

Last updated on June 23rd, 2022 at 02:32 pm

One of the biggest challenges to marketing your dental practice is staying on top of the latest trends, but video marketing provides an exciting opportunity to maximize your return on investment and attract new leads. Videos are a central part of modern marketing, and they multiply the impact of your existing marketing channels. Here are some of the benefits of video marketing for dentists: 

Attract New Leads 

Dental marketing is filled with intense competition, so it’s essential to find unique ways to market your practice to local patients. Video marketing is the latest trend within the dental marketing landscape, and it makes it easy to attract new patients in your areaProSites’ video marketing service makes it easy to showcase your amazing staff and beautifully designed office. We can even interview your loyal patients for video testimonials that help seal the deal for prospects who are trying to find the right practice. Best of all, we handle everything from creating the video to launching across all channels, so you get amazing results with minimal effort.  

Maximize Your SEO  

The most important marketing channel for dental practices is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of building your website and content so you rank for terms like “dentist in [your city].” Video marketing has become the latest boom in SEO, as Google has started including videos at the top of many search results. Being the first dentist in your area to create a video ad will help you monopolize these top spots, and with some hard work and good luck, you can also rank with both your video and website. Having two (or even three) of the top ten search results helps fill your appointment book, and patients will feel confident that they’ve made the right decision when they see your state-of-the-art video marketing 

Make the Most of Your Social Media Marketing 

What makes video marketing so exciting is that it naturally supports all of the marketing you’re already doing. In addition to SEO, video marketing integrates seamlessly with social media, increasing your traction on both Facebook and YouTube. Our team creates videos of different lengths and content for each channel, making sure it’s the right fit for different audiences. We also fully optimize each video so it can be found by the right viewers, as well as creating supporting landing pages for Facebook and YouTube ad campaigns. This seamlessly converts leads to new appointments, as well as provides tracking so you can see your exact return on investment. If you’re already marketing on social media, video marketing helps take your efforts to the next level.  

Stand Out from the Crowd 

One of the biggest benefits of video marketing is that it’s an up-and-coming technology that most small businesses are ignoring. Whether they lack the knowledge or the resources, most dental practices aren’t taking the time to take advantage of all the benefits video marketing creates. By being the first dentist in your area to create video ads, you can stand out from the crowd and be the first to reap the SEO and lead generating benefits of video marketing.  


If you’re ready to showcase your beautiful practice, friendly staff, and loyal patients, reach out to ProSites today! Our team will come out and record videos at your location so you can highlight your expertise and excellent service. Then our internet marketing experts will help share your video far and wide to help you attract new patients!