Lance McCollough

Founder, Advisor and Co-Chairman

Lance McCollough developed the first turnkey website solution for professionals at the beginning of the “dot com era.” Long before the creation of Google, Facebook, Yelp and a lot of other Internet brands, Lance was helping business owners grow their practices.

Born and raised in California, Lance earned his degree in Accounting/Business Administration at the University of Southern California (USC) before becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Growing his accounting firm in the ‘90s, Lance caught the Internet wave while trying to market his practice online. What followed were two wildly successful Internet ventures: Execusite (acquired by Wolters-Kluwer in 2001) and ProSites (recognized on the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies and the Deloitte Technology Fast 500). Most importantly to Lance, however, is the admiration of over 14,000 happy clients and over 100 cheerful employees.

What can you be found doing outside of the office?

As a serial entrepreneur, I really don’t have an “off button”, so I’m always thinking about new ideas and solutions (for everything). Ideas can hit me anywhere and anytime, whether I’m travelling, listening to vinyl records, watching UFC fights, playing poker with buddies or hanging out with my beautiful family (wife and three daughters).

What makes working at ProSites different than working at other website design companies?

Innovation and having fun. At ProSites we do more than just create great looking websites. We’re always trying to build the proverbial “better mouse trap” and doing things others haven’t thought of. We also have a relaxed culture and have fun along the way. It’s why we do a lot of team events like trips to theme parks, football games, paintball shooting, micro-brewery tours, and our annual Wine & Poker Event. It’s good to be ProSites.

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

I wish I could fly. It would be awesome to soar through the skies like Superman. Beyond just the rollercoaster like thrills, I could eat at my favorite places all on the same day. I would have rösti with ham and eggs for breakfast in Zermatt, Switzerland, the Bahama Mama chicken sandwich for lunch at Tommy Bahama in Maui and then the filetto flambé for dinner at Al Veluu on Lake Como, Italy.

What are you passionate about?

Um, I’m going to go with Häagen-Dazs.

One thing you would love to do if you had the chance?

Since I’ve already seen Elvis Presley in concert, I guess I would say go on a NASA flight into space.