Download your Free Patient Engagement Kit

Free Patient Engagement Kit

Research shows that dental practices with high patient engagement experience a 30% increase in treatment plan acceptance rates, resulting in improved oral health outcomes and a 20% boost in patient retention. To help make patient communication and engagement easier for dental practices, we’ve put together a complimentary Patient Engagement Kit.    

Your kit includes:  

  • An Infographic — 5 Benefits of Regular Communications with Patients—Including different topics and techniques you can use to help build better patient relationships.   
  • A Checklist — How to Connect with Your Patients and Keep Them Coming Back—Action items you and your dental team can do before, during, and after appointments.  
  • Two Practice Email Templates — Benefits to Regular Teeth Cleaning and Foods to Avoid and Healthier Options—Easy-to-use email templates to send to patients to help keep your practice top of mind.  
  • An Infographic — How to Reduce Dental Anxiety—12 things you can do to help calm patients who suffer from dental anxiety. 

Get your free kit today and start to see an increase in healthier smiles, happier patients, and even word-of-mouth referrals that can help your practice thrive.