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Improve Practice Efficiencies

Our practice Automate Bundles help dentists thrive by improving office efficiency, profitability, staff satisfaction, and overall practice management. Our experts help you eliminate your practice management and patient communication burdens so you can focus on providing the best patient care.

Automate your practice

Create a Happier, More Efficient Workplace 

Help your staff breathe easier, save time, and smile more all while letting your patients schedule appointments, send in paperwork, or pay a bill—morning, noon, or night.

Streamlining your practice with our Automate Bundles eases your practice's workload and frees up staff's time by automating tasks like appointment scheduling, patient registration, and bill pay, allowing your staff to focus on more valuable activities. These easy-to-use solutions can also lead to greater efficiency, enhanced patient experiences, and increased revenue for your practice.

Shanna Church Evans | Member Since: September 2015

"[ProSites’ communication solutions] have been excellent and has really made life easier for our front desk staff!"

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