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ProSites Offers Free Patient Communications Package to Dentists

ProSites alliance with DentalSenders enhances patient satisfaction.

TEMECULA, CA—September 2, 2008—ProSites, Inc., the nation's leading provider of high quality website design and Internet marketing services for dental professionals, today announced an alliance with DentalSenders to provide dentists with a free patient communications package that utilizes email and text messaging to remind patients of upcoming appointments and reduce no-shows.

Traditionally, dental offices use many different types of patient reminders, such as: phone calls, business card sized appointment reminders and postcards to help ensure that patients are aware of their up-coming appointments. In the fast paced Internet age, email and text messaging are proving to be a better way of reaching busy patients, many of whom receive those communications via their cell phones. DentalSenders fully integrates with existing practice management software and automatically delivers email and text messages to the right patient, at the right time, without any effort from the doctor or staff. "The fact is that most patients today are using email and text messaging routinely, and they would prefer that dental offices confirm appointments using these methods. It's fast, easy and efficient," explained DentalSenders CMO, Gerry McManus.

In addition to appointment reminders, the system also sends personalized birthday and holiday wishes, practice promotions, dormant patient reactivation messages, electronic surveys, and quarterly newsletters that keep patients informed of the doctors services and new dental technologies. The reminder messages include the doctor's branding which may include a logo or photograph, as well as the office contact information and a link to the doctor's website.

The alliance between ProSites and DentalSenders represents a significant advantage over competitors, as the service is provided free of charge to all dental practices who have a ProSites website. Companies offering similar services typically charge as much as $4,800 per year for just appointment reminders. "ProSites is continually enhancing our service offering to help doctors grow their practices and streamline patient communications," says ProSites CEO, Lance McCollough. "ProSites customers enjoy what we call Future Now Assurance, which means whenever we release a new feature or enhancement, they receive the upgrade free of charge. By continuing to provide exciting new enhancements, we can keep our doctors on the leading edge of technology and improve their patient's experience," said McCollough.

About ProSites

ProSites, Inc. is the nation's leading provider of high quality website design and Internet marketing services specifically tailored to the needs of medical and dental professionals. The company's exclusive WebEngine technology fully automates the creation of high-end, graphically compelling websites that help doctors to market their practices on the Internet and attract new patients. In addition to an excellent collection of patient oriented content, the websites also include interactive features that help streamline patient communications and online appointment requests. Headquartered in Temecula, California, ProSites is a privately held corporation. For more information, visit or call (888) 932-3644.

About DentalSenders

DentalSenders is a wholly owned subsidiary of Elexity Systems, LLC, a privately held Southern California company founded in early 2003 to pioneer the concept of delivering enterprise applications via simple internet based solutions. The company's cutting edge technologies help doctors strengthen patient relationships, increase productivity and streamline operations. DentalSenders automated patient communications system seamlessly integrates with existing practice management software to automate the delivery of outbound notifications.

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