PracticeMojo’s Comprehensive Solutions Reduce No-Shows and Increase Patient Satisfaction

PracticeMojo is the perfect front office companion, helping you increase revenue and maximize patient satisfaction every step of the way.

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Save Time with Automated Appointment Reminder

Appointment reminders are quick, convenient, and sure to reduce no-shows. PracticeMojo utilizes text messaging, phone calls, emails, and postcards so your patients receive reminders via their favorite channels. Reduce no-shows and receive confirmations ahead of time to increase practice revenue! We also set up a recall campaign so patients are reminded to come in for annual cleanings and maximize their insurance benefits before the end of each year.

Reduce Frustration with Comprehensive Patient Intake Services

PracticeMojo streamlines your intake services from start to finish. Online appointment booking and virtual consultations help you to fill your appointment book. Then, use our HIPAA-compliant online forms to ensure that patients’ insurance information is up to date ahead of each appointment. Our online forms integrate easily into your website, and patients are emailed ahead of time with a reminder to update their information.

Create a Great Reputation on Social Media and Beyond

Building a great brand reputation is essential for the overall health of your practice, as it will increase patient referrals and help organically fill your appointment book. PracticeMojo helps you curate and highlight your best testimonials, along with automating your requests so you have a steady stream of new patient reviews. Show off what makes your practice the best in the business!

Get $50 back for every dollar you spend with PracticeMojo.

With PracticeMojo, our prices are so low that when we help you prevent just one patient per month from missing an appointment (~$250 in production), you’ll make your money back right then and there!

Learn how we can help you improve patient communications while reducing no-shows for your practice today!

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