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Q&A with Dr. Jack B. Fitzgerald III & Dr. Robert J. Dollfus III of Chesterbrook Dental

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Q: What was your web presence like before working with ProSites?

J: When web pages first came out, you could make your own website out of your Mac book. I’ll be honest, it was pretty cheesy. It was not a website that one would be proud of, so I was looking to make a change.

Q: How has the website changed since working with ProSites?

J: It’s a very professional look. That’s the first thing that strikes me: I just like the look of it. We get compliments on it all the time, and with the help of ProSites we’ve been able to keep it very current. It’s been very beneficial for the image of the practice.

Q: What is your favorite thing about the website now?

R: I like that information is repeated at times. There are different areas of the website where you can get the same information, which is key because you want that repetition – especially in the digital world where we’re all looking at 50 different things at once.

Q: What do you like most about working with ProSites?

R: I’ve really enjoyed our monthly meetings. I find it unbelievably valuable to regularly sit down and discuss where we’re getting new patients from, how to get more new patients, what key words are we promoting – things I never even knew existed before.

J: The response of ProSites is also amazing. Whenever we have meetings with action items, I receive an email confirmation immediately after and the website is updated within 24-48 hours.

Q: Which strategic efforts with ProSites have been the most impactful?

R: Keywords have been huge! Also, patient testimonials. Not only do we include them as wins in our team meetings, but they’re also an indicator for us of what we’re doing right and where we need to improve.

Q: What did you find most attractive about the PracticeMojo solution?

R: It’s made us so much more efficient with patient communications. I love the ability to confirm appointments, send information after appointments to get reviews, and contact patients via text and email. Frankly, my generation barely looks at our mail, we don’t answer phone calls from unknown numbers – but we will pay attention to every text and email. A key advantage of PracticeMojo is that digital communication.

Service Highlights:

  • Semi-custom website
  • Elite SEO
  • PracticeMojo Patient Communications

"We get compliments on the website all the time. It’s been very beneficial for the image of the practice.”

Dr. Jack B. Fitzgerald III, Chesterbrook Dental Associates |


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