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"PracticeMojo has brought me back to the patient because my time is no longer spent on the phone."

Monica DeWitt, Saguaro Dental Management Services

Service Highlights:

  • ProSites’ PracticeMojo Patient Communications

Q: Did you have a previous patient communication solution that could no longer meet your needs?

A: I’ve been in the dental industry for over 15 years and have used numerous providers –SolutionReach, DemandForce, Lighthouse 360, Dentrix – but they always left me wanting more, especially from a service standpoint.

Q: Why did you choose PracticeMojo? 

A: The PracticeMojo team is so personable! We know their names; they get back to us quickly and provide the personal touch. They really go above and beyond – the team is all about making sure everything is perfect. I can’t express how nice it is to be treated with respect, and not like I should have gotten it already.

Q: What criteria did you have in mind for an automated patient communications solution?

A: It had to work with our practice management system and be userfriendly. PracticeMojo met our specific needs and the team was very hands-on. They essentially sat with me and made sure I was comfortable with the system – it was amazing.

Q: What did you find most attractive about PracticeMojo?

A: Aside from the unbeatable service, I love the custom designs, emails and postcards that carry our practice brand, all the special things PracticeMojo can do for us. We run five practices and when the power goes down I can log-in from my office to see the schedules and notify patients. It’s so convenient; the front office staff has even done it from their smartphones.

Q: What benefits have you experienced from working with us?

A: When you’re working in a million dollar plus practice, you don’t slow down. There’s so much going on and it’s constant. As an Office Manager, I don’t want to have to wonder is this going to work. PracticeMojo has brought me back to the patient, because my time is no longer spent on the phone handling recall and reminders - with PracticeMojo it just happens.

Q: What specific results have you seen from implementing our solution(s)?

A: One of our offices had 10,000 contacts in its practice management system. To clean it up, the doctor wanted to send postcards to each contact and the PracticeMojo team didn’t bat an eye. They didn’t try to sell me anything different; they walked me through the process and the mailing went out cleanly and quickly, and we were able to clean-up the system.

Q: What advice would you give to other dental practices looking for a patient communications solution?

A: Speaking from experience, PracticeMojo is the only way to go. I promise that it’s so much better than the others. Practices don’t need 50,000 email templates; they need PracticeMojo. It’s simple, but brilliant.


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